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Date: 22 March 2021

Q.) Recent research has shown that Indian Monsoon 25 million years ago resembled which country’s present-day patterns?

  1. Yemen
  2. Brazil
  3. Australia
  4. Japan

Q.) Dutch physicist Kamerlingh Onnes liquefied Helium by cooling the gas to what degree Celsius?

  1. -105 degrees Celsius
  2. -350 degrees Celsius
  3. -270 degrees Celsius
  4. -190 degrees Celsius

Q.) The Wildlife Institute of India’s 2007 study recommended protection of the west and southern coas of Great Nicobar to preserve the habitat of which globally endangered bird unique to the region?

  1. Nicobar megapode
  2. Collared brushturkey
  3. Narcondam hornbill
  4. Nicobar bulbul


Junk inefficiency

  • Vehicle scrappage policy by Transport Ministry
  • Green tax on ageing and polluting automobiles
    • cleaner environment
    • economic benefits
    • jobs
  • Commercial vehicles: 15 years
  • Private vehicles: 20 years
  • Road map
    • April 1, 2022: government and the public sector
    • April 1, 2023: heavy commercial vehicles
    • April 1, 2024: all other vehicles
  • States must also come on board to provide road tax and registration concessions
  • Rejuvenate COVID-19-affected economies
  • Paris Agreement commitments

Rising poverty

  • Pew Research Center: COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionately deleterious impact on living standards in India and China in 2020
  • With the sharp economic contraction in India pushing as many as 7.5 crore people into the ranks of the poor (those who earn $2 or less a day)
  • In contrast, the figure is about 10 lakh in China, whose economy slowed but continued to post growth.
  • In absolute terms, the number of poor in India is posited to have swelled to 13.4 crore, reversing the gains made in the preceding nine years when the country cut the number of poor by more than three-fourths to an estimated 7.8 crore in 2019.
  • In China, the population of the poor likely inched up to 40 lakh, matching the 2019 level.
  • Similarly, the numbers of India’s middle class — those with a daily income of $10.01–$20 — are projected to have shrunk by 3.2 crore to about 6.6 crore, compared with the number this income cohort would have reached absent the pandemic.
  • The latest report once again spotlights the widening inequality in India, exacerbated by the pandemic, as the lower income populations have disproportionately borne the brunt of job and income losses in the wake of the multiple lockdowns.
  • That the National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme has been seeing record levels of demand is testimony to the struggles those in the rural hinterland have been facing in finding gainful employment since the onset of the pandemic.
  • The policy responses to the rising wave of infections could well test the government’s ‘lives versus livelihoods’ playbook to the hilt.

Iran deal could be rescued by the IAEA

  • S. and Iran are playing Chicken & Egg game
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is back on the stage to rescue the JCPOA.
  • Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi: “a cornered cat may behave differently from when the cat is free”
  • Iranians often wished that they had not signed the NPT, developed a capability like India did, and then negotiated a deal.
  • Foreign Policy: “Wide swaths of Iranian society, among the public and policymakers alike, seem to increasingly see the weapon not just as an ultimate deterrent but as a panacea for Iran’s chronic security problems and challenges to its sovereignty by foreign powers.”
  • The Iranian elections in June make it imperative for the country to have at least an initial breakthrough before the polls.
  • The IAEA is neither the Secretariat of the NPT nor is it empowered to request States to adhere to it.
  • The NPT assigns to the IAEA the responsibility for verifying, at the global level, through its safeguards system, that non-nuclear weapon States fulfil their obligations not to use their peaceful nuclear activities to develop any nuclear explosive devices of any kind.
  • A new avenue may open for Iran to continue its peaceful nuclear activities as permitted in the NPT.
  • Iran may have a certain comfort level in the IAEA as some members of the Board will be supportive of Iran’s aspirations to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes without unnecessary restraints.

How to treat unpaid work

  • Unpaid domestic services
  • Though this work contributes to overall well-being at the household level and collectively at the national level, it is invisible in the national database and particularly in national policies.
  • This work is repetitive, boring and frequently drudgery — a 24-hour job without remuneration, promotions or retirement benefits.
  • It restricts opportunities for women in the economy and in life.
  • Women do this job not necessarily because they like it or are efficient in it, but because it is imposed on them by patriarchal norms, which are the roots of all pervasive gender inequalities.
  • This unequal division of unpaid work between women and men is unfair and unjust and it deprives women of equal opportunities as men.
  • For political parties to recognise this work is a positive development, and the demand for wages for housewives has emerged from this concern.
  • However, its implementation may create problems such as affordability of the government and calculation of the amounts.
  • More important, these wages may confirm unpaid work as women’s work only, which would deny opportunities to women in the wider world.
  • Payment of pension to old women (60+ years) may be a better idea to compensate them for their unpaid work.
  • Also, they could relieve women’s burden of unpaid work by improving technology (e.g. better fuel for cooking), better infrastructure (e.g. water at the doorstep), shifting some unpaid work to the mainstream economy (e.g. childcare, care of the disabled, and care of the chronically sick), and by making basic services (e.g. health and transportation) accessible to women.
  • By excluding this work from the economy, macroeconomics shows a clear male bias.
  • It is not surprising that many economists call economics “a wrongly conceived discipline” that is narrow, partial and truncated.
  • There is an urgent need to expand the purview of economics not only for gender justice but mainly for moving towards a realistic economics.


  • Global Demand Boost for Indian Exporters
    • Higher global demand, especially for engineering goods, chemicals and low-value lifestyle products such as carpets, has made Indian exporters’ order books improve by almost 40% compared to the pre-Covid-19 period, with handicrafts, ceramic products and cotton yarn/fabrics showing signs of further strengthening amid a drop in new cases in the United States and despite another wave of infections in the European Union.
    • Attributing the increase to global demand for plastics, chemicals, engineering goods and low-value lifestyle products such as machine made carpets and non-leather footwear, Sahai said labour-intensive sectors such as handicrafts, ceramic products and cotton yarn/fabrics too are showing signs of further strengthening.
    • Demand for Indian engineering items from China, Singapore, Germany and Thailand has seen high double-digit growth, led by exports of iron and steel, and nonferrous metals like copper, besides auto components, he said.
    • The handicraft sector expects an export growth of about 30% in the ongoing quarter and outbound shipments could end up reaching the same level as in 2019-20, according to the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH).
  • Indicators Reflect India’s Revival: FM
    • A strong uptick in economic indicators as well as the services sector reflects India’s revival, said finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman
    • The government was closely watching developments in the US to avoid a repeat of the 2013 taper tantrum.
    • Steadily rising high-frequency indicators such as the purchasing managers’ index (PMI) in manufacturing and services, e-way bills, rail freight, and goods and services tax (GST) collections, indicated increasing consumption and clear evidence of positivity and economic revival.
    • She quoted the Reserve Bank of India’s review to showcase the uptrend in the services sector.
    • While the resurgence in Covid cases is worrying, the government is confident of addressing concerns and the inoculation campaign will be intensified.
    • “There is also this planning for ramping up the vaccine being given, both from the supply and also the execution point of view,” Sitharaman said.
    • With further such focused efforts, I think we will be able to address the concerns about spike in cases. However, it definitely requires a lot of watching out for.”


  • PM Modi to launch Jal Shakti Abhiyan: Catch the Rain campaign on World Water Day today
  • Today is last day for withdrawal of candidature for assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Puducherry
  • More that 67.5 lakh people brought back from around the world under Vande Bharat Mission
  • Night curfew to be imposed in eight cities of Rajasthan from today
  • Malaysia's Lee Zii Jia wins All England Badminton C’ships Men's title; Nozomi Okuhara clinches Women's title
  • New Nagar Van Scheme will help in creation of Urban forests in cities: Environment Minister
  • Railways announce 18 pairs of new special trains for convenience of passengers during Holi
  • Education & health care are two basic pillars of good governance: Prez
  • President Kovind arrives on three-day visit to Odisha
  • Australian authorities declare natural disaster in flood affected areas of New South Wales
  • Pakistan PM Imran Khan tests positive for Covid-19; PM Modi wishes him speedy recovery
  • British PM Borris Johnson likely to visit Tamil Nadu during his India tour next month
  • India participates in Nowruz celebrations at SCO in Beijing
  • Khadi Mujib Jackets to be attire of the dignitaries during visit of PM Modi to Bangladesh on March 26
  • India's Singhraj wins gold in Para Shooting World Cup 2021