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Date: 21 September 2020

Self-reliance for self-esteem | IndExp

  • Vocal for Local” - not only to buy and use local products, but to also take pride in promoting them.
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (ANBA)
  • Self-reliance as a synonym for self-esteem.
  • A content nation
  • COVID-related pressures + border tensions with its largest import partner, China
  • Opportunity to embark on the self-reliance drive


Fair and unfair

  • Madras High Court - not to pursue the ill-conceived attempt to initiate action against film actor Suriya for contempt of court.
  • In a detailed order, the Court has rightly noted that “it is not the job of a constitutional court to use a sledgehammer for avoidance of something which can be perceived to be not capable of even being propped up as contempt, much less debated to the level of criminal contempt”.
  • Court’s 29-page order lays much emphasis on the idea that criticism about the judiciary should be restrained, lest the line of fair comment be crossed.
  • As long as there is no effort to obstruct the course of justice, criticism, whether fair or unfair, does not warrant initiation of contempt proceedings.

Great power, little responsibility

  • September 21- The International Day of Peace
  • Prevalence of war, violence and insecurity in many parts of the world.
  • World Population Review: in the last calendar year, eight countries suffered at least 1,000 deaths each (mainly civilians) through militarised attacks and battles
  • If one includes the Maghreb and Sahel regions of North and West Africa, over 25 countries are being ravaged by deadly wars today.

  • UN Refugee Agency: 79.5 million were displaced at the end of 2019
  • The countries that are escalating violence - great powers with military + economic might
  • UNSC: U.S., Russia and China
  • These 3 UNSC permanent members fuel instability or have a finger in the pie of most ongoing wars.
  • War is at once a geopolitical game and big business.
  • Chinese small arms enable ethnic violence and extreme human rights abuses in South Sudan, Myanmar, DR Congo, Pakistan

  • The UN as well as regional organisations like the African Union and the European Union are trying to negotiate cessation of hostilities in various war zones.
  • Altering the structure and nature of world politics is not child’s play. But we must strive for it.
  • Intellectuals, social movements and responsible states should prioritise struggling for an equitable world order.
  • Nothing less will suffice to silence the guns.

Vigil Against Terror

  • Total 9 people arrested by NIA from WB & Kerala, having links with Al-Qaeda
  • These people were part of an inter-state module.
  • India cannot let its guard down against terrroism sponsored from across the border.
  • States should conducte a well-planned and coordinated campaigns to create awareness in youth
  • The module was engaged in fund raising – this also indicates that India has successfully blocked the channels of terror funding.
  • The catched terrorists were going to use crude weapons and potassium chlorate from firecrackers.
  • This indicates that their handles were not able to suppy them with shopisticated weapons.
  • Use of social media to brain wash youth – who are ready to use whatever is available.


  • PM Modi to lay foundation stone for nine highway projects worth over Rs 14,000 Cr in Bihar through video conference today
  • Govt says Minimum Support Price for farmers will continue
  • Railways starts running 40 clone trains with higher speed and fewer stops
  • Many states to partially reopen schools for students of classes 9-12 from today as per Unlock 4 guidelines
  • Sikkim govt imposes complete lockdown in Gangtok municipal area till Sept 27
  • Review of proceedings in Rajya Sabha
  • Review of proceedings in Lok Sabha
  • Union Minister Pralhad Joshi attacks Opposition over ruckus in Rajya Sabha during passage of farm bills
  • Lok Sabha takes up discussion on COVID 19 pandemic
  • Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2020 introduced in Lok Sabha
  • India extends 250 million dollars support to Maldives to overcome economic impact of Covid-19
  • Bangladesh maritime ports hoist warning signal 3 as low pressure forms over Bay of Bengal
  • Cargo plane crashes at Aden Adde International Airport in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu
  • 50th meeting of border guarding forces of India and Bangladesh concludes in Dhaka
  • Shooting at a backyard party in New York leaves 2 people dead and 14 injured