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Date: 01 March 2021
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • 2019
  • Vacation of seats from House of Legislatures
  • Sri Lanka
  • Golf

Q.) Name the oldest genus in a group of the earliest-known primates called plesiadapiforms.

  1. Purgatorius
  2. Chiromyoides
  3. Plesiadapiedae
  4. Carpolestidae

Q.) To strike on Iranian facilities in Syria, USA used which aircraft?

  1. F-15E
  2. F-16
  3. F-14
  4. F-22

Q.) Prime Minister Narendra Modi singled out the possibility of e-marketing toys from which region durin the inauguration of India Toy Fair 2021?

  1. Kondapalli Toys
  2. Thanjavur Dolls
  3. Asharikandi Terracotta Toys
  4. Channapatna Toys

Q.) International Atomic Energy was established in which year?

  1. Sep 12, 1952
  2. July 29, 1957
  3. Aug 4, 1935
  4. Feb 28, 1919

Q . ) Which is the largest collection of digital news publishers in India?

  1. Digipub News India Foundation
  2. Digital News Publishers Association
  3. Online News Association
  4. Radio Television Digital News Association

Nicobar development at the cost of ecology?

  • The Andaman and Nicobar islands are an archipelago on the Bay of Bengal, bordering the Indonesian island of Sumatra in the south and Cocos island of Myanmar in the North.


  • Even during the British colonial period, Andaman and Nicobar Islands were the checkpoints to minimize the Dutch, French and Japanese imperialistic influences in South-East Asia.

  • New Transshipment Terminal in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • The terminal is supposed to be built in the island of ‘Great Nicobar’ and entails an overall investment of 100 billion Indian Rupees.
  • This project will be built in Campbell Bay, at Great Nicobar near the national naval station of ‘Baaz’.
  • These 572 forested islands host 9,130 animal species of which 1,032 species can be found only in this ecoregion.
  • It is a part of the ‘Sundaland’ biodiversity hotspot.
  • This is the habitat of diverse terrestrial and marine species – whales, dolphins, dugong, hornbills, marine turtles, saltwater crocodile, Trochus, sea cucumbers, sea-shells, sharks, marine turtles and saltwater crocodiles, to mention a few.
  • These islands are the abode of four ‘Negrito’ tribes –
  • The Great Andamanese
  • Onge
  • Jarawa
  • Sentinelese
  • Two of Nicobar island’s ‘mongoloid’ tribes- the Shompen and Nicobarese.
  • Ships burn modified sulfur rich crude oil for their movements.
  • Shipsource pollutants, namely Carbon dioxide (CO2), Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) all are global warming gasses as well as leaving enormous toxic footprints on the environment.
  • Harbours and port terminals also use diesel intensive machineries’ emitting pollutants in the environment.
  • Oil and petrochemical pollutants have polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), which can impact the digestive, respiratory and circulation systems.
  • Oil pollution also impacts bird species and researches indicates it can have toxic impacts by reducing egg-shell thickness and their breeding success.
  • The near threatened Nicobar pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica) has its breeding ground in the small Nicobar island near the ‘would be’ shipping lanes after the start of the Nicobar Transshipment Terminal.
  • Physical impacts of anchoring of vessels are known to cause threat to assemblages of infralittoral algae and sensitive benthic flora and fauna.
  • Antifouling paints used in ships have toxic tributyltin (TBT) in them.

A murder, and business as usual

  • The declassified version of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) report on journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder states in no uncertain terms “that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved [the] operation…to capture or kill Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.”
  • It bases this conclusion on the evidence that the persons responsible for the crime were members of the security detail of the Crown Prince, who is popularly known as MBS, and reported to his close advisers.
  • Turkish intelligence: Khashoggi’s body was dismembered with an electric saw before its final disposal.
  • The U.S. Congress had been demanding for over a year that the report be declassified but former President Donald Trump had refused to do so because of his and his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner’s cosy relationship with MBS as well as Mr. Trump’s interest in selling massive amounts of arms to the petrostate.


  •  Saudi Arabia’s strategic importance for Washington derives from the fact that it is America’s principal regional partner in its efforts to contain Iranian influence in West Asia.
  • Riyadh’s strategic value has increased with the sequential normalisation of Israel’s relations with Arab countries allied to it since the success of this process is heavily dependent upon Saudi approval.
  • The importance of Saudi Arabia as the swing producer of oil for the health of the global economy on which U.S. prosperity depends rules out any possibility of the Biden administration punishing the regime for its human rights transgressions.

Economy is doing better in year’s second half 

  • Between January and May each year, India gets to see two “advance” estimates and one “provisional” estimate of GDP growth, as more data becomes available.
  • The revision to the current fiscal year’s contraction from the 7.7 per cent forecast in January to 8 per cent now in the second advance estimate is not surprising.
  • But the crucial number will be in the May “provisional estimate”, considered more reliable and with a longer shelf life as the next revision (called the first revised estimates) will be available only in calendar year 2022.
  • Particularly for India, even those figures could change in the final estimates as economic activity in the vast informal sector is hard to assess and does not get reflected in the advance and provisional estimates.
  • What happens there is confirmed more than a year later when the economy has moved on.
  • Data availability and forecasting in a fast-evolving scenario becomes difficult and comes full of surprises.
  • In the first quarter, the surprise was on the downside, with GDP contracting at 23.9 per cent (now estimated at 24.4 per cent).
  • From the second quarter, it has been on the upside, with third-quarter GDP growth estimated to have moved into the mild positive territory (0.4 per cent).
  • People learning to live with the virus
  • Flattening of the COVID-19 curve
  • A gradual lifting of restrictions
  • Within services, the contact-based ones such as trade, hotels, transport and communication have continued to contract in the second half, albeit at a slower pace.
  • This also means that the urban economy, which accounts for over two-thirds of these services, is still ailing.
  • Overall government consumption expenditure has risen, though only by around 2 per cent on-year.
  • As central government spending has been strong, the drag is likely from the states.
  • The nature of government spending — on roads, highways and metros — has benefited the labour-intensive construction segment.
  • Real estate construction has also picked up in select regions, with lower housing loan rates, developer discounts and reduced stamp duty rates spurring buyers.
  • Consequently, construction GDP growth is projected to rebound sharply from a contraction of 29.1 per cent to a growth of 7.4 per cent between the two halves.
  • Manufacturing activity rebounded quickly once supply restrictions were lifted, logging 1.6 per cent on-year growth in the third quarter, with the momentum continuing into the fourth.
  • Additionally, the wealth effect from soaring stock markets has raised the spending ability of households with exposure to them.
  • Steady growth will need a sustained lift in household incomes.
  • Agriculture GDP growth of around 3 per cent this fiscal (holding steady in both halves) confirms the resilience of the farm economy to the pandemic.
  • A normal monsoon, a bumper crop and high food inflation in wholesale markets has contributed to rural incomes.
  • An effective combination of vaccination and herd immunity will take time to materialise and till that happens, the risk of a second wave looms.
  • Rising cases in Maharashtra and Kerala are a grim reminder of that.
  • A firm control over the pandemic is a pre-condition for a broad-based recovery that includes contact-based services.
  • But for a broader and more sustainable revival, the trigger will still need to come from government investment spending (both Centre and states) with higher multipliers, crowding in private investments.


  • West Bengal: First phase of assembly elections to be held on March 27
  • Delhi municipal by-polls: Voting was held at five MCD wards
  • Bidding for telecom spectrum auction to commence from today
  • Nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive to cover senior citizens & people above 45 years with co-morbidities begins today
  • PM Modi takes first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at Delhi’s AIIMS; appeals people to come forward for vaccination
  • Odisha makes Corona test mandatory for people arriving from Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh states
  • Last date for filing of GST returns for 2019-20 fiscal extended till March 31
  • 4th edition of PM’s 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' to be held this month; registration process on till March 14
  • COVID-19 recovery rate improves to 97.10 per cent
  • Khadi, Village Industry Commission's e-Market Portal registers over one crore turnover in eight months
  • Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank stresses on need for reforms in education sector
  • Myanmar: 18 people killed as police, armed forces unleashed force on protestors
  • Gunmen release 42 people, including 27 students kidnapped from boarding school in Niger
  • Boxing: Deepak Kumar wins silver at Strandja Memorial Tournament in Bulgaria
  • Class 1 to 5 schools to open today in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
  • Budget session of Maharashtra and Gujarat Assemblies begins today
  • Vinesh Phogat bags Gold in Ukraine wrestling event