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Date: 18 January 2020


Quiet, for now

  • Phase one trade deal
  • NOTE: It is a temporary truce that leaves the key issues of the trade dispute unresolved.
  • It still leaves intact nearly 3/4th  of punitive tariffs slapped on China.
  • China is to buy $200-billion in goods and services in the coming 2 years.
  • U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He

  • Agricultural exports form the smallest proportion of the latest offers relative to manufactured goods and services.

  • China has given assurances to remove barriers for American banking, insurance and other financial services.
  • IP protection and alleged forced technology transfers.
  • Washington has invoked provisions on threats to its national security to punish adversaries.
  • Mr. Trump has said that negotiations on a phase two agreement would begin immediately and even hinted that he could travel to Beijing.
  • Questions over government control of China’s state-owned firms and industrial subsidies at the core the bilateral dispute — are not expected to be resolved until after the 2020 U.S. Presidential elections.

Fighting radicalisation

  • Raisina dialogue organised by the Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation at New Delhi.

  • There has been a significant increase in radicalisation among young people in Kashmir — “girls and boys as young as 10-12”, included.
  • He suggested that youth should be “isolated from radicalisation in a gradual way” and to be “taken out separately and possibly taken into some deradicalisation camps”.
  • He also revealed that such camps existed in the country.
  • There is no doubt that radicalisation must be countered at all levels, whether in Kashmir or elsewhere.
  • Decade ago: terrorism and violence had reduced drastically when compared to the 1990s.
  • Today, the ground has become fertile for the revival of radicalism

  • Deradicalisation is best achieved through effective teaching and incorporation of civic studies in the school curriculum for children who are getting radicalised due to the prevailing circumstances in the Valley.
  • Besides this, there has to be an administrative outreach to the citizenry not to give in to radical demands and the rhetoric of extremists.

One government proposes, the next disposes

  • Cancelled or put on hold a number of high-profile State contracts and projects.
  • It will be extremely hard for the State to attract foreign investors in future.
  • Without investments, it will be harder for the State to raise the revenues it needs for social programmes and economic development.
  • For Amaravati, Mr. Naidu was trying to transform a rural area into a massive, advanced greenfield city.
  • Today, over four years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid Amaravati’s foundation stone, little is there save a number of temporary government office buildings.
  • Neighbouring business-friendly Hyderabad has attracted many ambitious Andhra Pradesh residents and foreign investors.
  • Cancelling multiple high-profile public projects may imperil CM’s ability to deliver on his most important goal: to create new jobs and opportunities in the State.
  1. Legal challenges
  2. Stakeholders have a real voice in the outcome?
  3. Investors look to the overall commercial environment before deciding whether to commit funds.
  4. Create governing rules and bureaucracies that are more durable than any one leader or administration.
  • Any new Indian State government must take into account the Modi government’s encouragement of competitive federalism.
  • Newly-elected governments certainly have the right to review potentially unjust or unwarranted deals.
  • However, a State must be careful to provide explicit and clear evidence when making its case to trigger such reviews


  • Nirbhaya killers to hang on February 1
  • Citizens can skip question on place of birth of parents in NPR form, says Centre
  • No documents are required to be shown by people during the NPR and Census exercise: Minister
  • Two bull owners, spectator gored to death in T.N.
  • GSAT-30 gives India a communication boost
  • The 3,357-kg satellite will replace INSAT-4A, which was launched in 2005 and marks the first mission of the year for Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
  • Merger plan of RSTV and LSTV in final stages
  • ‘Peace with India only if Kashmir issue resolved’
  • U.K. plans govt.-to-govt. framework for future defence deals with India