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Date: 17 August 2020



Big goals

  • PM Modi assured the nation on the twin challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and external aggression.
  • PM mentioned menstrual hygiene
  • Sanitation and access to drinking water
  • Jal Jeevan Mission: seeks to provide piped drinking water to every home
  • Expanding networks of electricity, the Internet, banking and cooking gas, will equip India to rise higher.
  • National Digital Health Mission will give every Indian a digital health ID that links up all her medical records.
  • Digitalisation is welcome but is no substitute for inadequate human resources and infrastructure in the health sector.
  • He did mention ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ — the world is one family
  • Ambitious collective goals can inspire a community, which must be increasingly inclusive as it progresses.

Change in the Middle-East

  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan — referred to as MBZthe Crown Prince of the UAE
  • MBZ is the most influential person in the Arabian peninsula.
  • With the UAE declaring official peace with Israel, can Saudi Arabia be far behind?
  • Ever since the Saudis allowed Air India to overfly their territory on flights between New Delhi and Tel Aviv, the ice that existed between large Arab nations and Israel has pretty much melted.
  • Most Sunni Arab States and Israel have a common enemy, Iran.
  • So what does this mean for India?
  • One assumes that officials at the Ministry of External Affairs would be mighty pleased, more so given the recent meltdown of ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
  • Better intelligence and military cooperation.

For better health

  • “Every Indian will be given a health ID that will work like a health account. This account will contain details of every disease, the doctors you visited, the medicines you took and the diagnosis,” PM Modi said.
  • Comorbidities emerged as one of the main causes of mortality in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Unfortunately, in the past 15 years, due to lifestyle, NCDs have inceased in India.
  • We need to correct some of the medical sector’s longstanding problems.
  • It all about creating a patient-centric system
  • Doctor-population ratio of India is 1:1,450
    1. WHO recommends 1:1000
  • Poor state of primary health centres
  • The core building blocks of the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) — the Health ID and Health Facility Registry —shall be owned, operated and maintained by the government.
  • However, private operators will have equal opportunities to integrate with these systems and create products for the market.
  • Such linkages across public and private players could enhance medical efficiency and improve the patient’s experience.
  • Patients can choose the documents they would like to share, with whom and for how long.
  • The country’s data protection law — in the works for almost three years.

Embrace the national digital health mission, but with care and safeguards | HT

  • This will greatly facilitate tele-medicine, e-pharmacy, and collection, consolidation and inter-operability of health data.
  • Personal data, especially health data, is sensitive, and its privacy must be protected.
  • We can use Blockchain technology to guarantee that data that is created is encrypted and cannot be altered.
  • Consent for accessing and storing individual data, in part or in whole, will stay with the individual and can be given to a trusted authority such as a physician, a pharmacy, a test laboratory or a research institution as necessary and deemed fit by the individual.
  • So, for example, if you approach a doctor for a second opinion, you could allow the doctor to see the complete diagnosis and previous care provided.
  • A test lab needs to only get the samples without the patient identifying information.
  • Anonymise personal data
  • Data can help detect patterns and predict the onset of health crises
  • Stored data must be encrypted
  • Data must be distributed across several independent servers
  • Advanced health care expertise is concentrated in large cities whereas a large population with health care needs is geographically distant from such expertise and facilities.
  • As India is embarking on an almost greenfield health care digitisation spree, we should take lessons from other nation’s experience.
  • Hence it is imperative to have the veterans of industry, technology and business deploying needful and future-proof technologies in developing our model of digital health care.
  • Create something uniquely for India.

Contempt of court | Tribune

  • Supreme Court found Prashant Bhushan guilty of contempt of court for his ‘scandaloustweets.
  • In a democratic society every institution and individuals manning public offices must be subjected to public criticism.
  • There can’t be any quarrel with the power of the contempt law per se as it’s aimed at maintaining public confidence in the judiciary so as to safeguard the common man’s interests, which would be adversely affected if the court’s authority is undermined.
  • The definition of criminal contempt under Section 2(c)(i) of the Contempt of Courts Act is vague and expansive, making it an offence to publish anything — in any manner whatsoever — which ‘scandalises or tends to scandalise or lowers or tends to lower the authority of, any court.’
  • No wonder the UK did away with this form of contempt of court in 2013.
  • It’s one of the rare category of cases in which principles of natural justice don’t apply. Judges hear cases despite being aggrieved persons — either individually or as members of the institution.
  • While upholding the law in letter, the court appears to have missed its spirit.
  • It could have followed the House of Lords, which in the Spycatcher case spared Daily Mirror that had published an upside-down picture of three law lords with the caption, ‘You Old Fools’, saying whether one was a fool or not was a matter of perception.
  • Showing magnanimity would have enhanced the court’s credibility.
  • Barring a few exceptions, courts in India have zealously protected individual freedom from legislative and executive excesses.


  • COVID-19 recovery rate crosses 72 pct; Over 3 crore tests conducted so far
  • Public transport resumes in Assam with 50 pct capacity amid Coronavirus protocols
  • SC dismisses petition seeking postponement of JEE, NEET Exams
  • Indian Railways constructing world’s tallest pier bridge across river Ijai in Manipur
  • J&K: 2 CRPF jawans, 1 policeman martyred in Baramulla terror attack
  • India, Mauritius enjoy a unique friendship: PM Narendra Modi
  • Pak army initiates unprovoked firing along LoC in Naushera sector of Rajouri district
  • Govt proposes stricter norms for construction machinery to ensure greater safety on highways
  • NTPC develops infrastructure at Rihand project for increased use of fly ash
  • Tricolour hoisted for first time at New York's Times Square to celebrate India's 74th Independence Day
  • South Korea reports highest daily jump of 279 new coronavirus cases since March