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Date: 17 September 2020


Stand United | ToI

  • Defence Minister’s strong speech in Parliament
  • India-China border standoff
  • Singh clarified New Delhi’s position
  • Forces are prepared to deal with any situation
  • Govt: preferred a peaceful resolution
  • Blamed China for violation of agreements
  • China’s approach in South and East China Seas

  • Whole country needs to stand as one
  • Opposition parties must be kept in the loop
  • 2017 Doklam standoff - opposition leaders were briefed at Singh’s residence.
  • Today’s political polarisation must not be allowed to come in the way of national solidarity on China.

Stop press

  • Andhra Pradesh High Court - imposed a ban on the media + social media - from mentioning anything in relation to an FIR filed by the police against a former Advocate General of the State and others.
  • Injunctions against publication can either be an order to prevent possible defamation or invasion of privacy, or one aimed at protecting the fairness of a trial or investigation.
  • The Supreme Court did hold in Sahara vs. SEBI (2012) that the Court can grant preventive relief on a balancing of the right to free trial and a free press.
  • However, it favoured such temporary restraint on publication “only in cases of real and substantial risk of prejudice” to the administration of justice or a fair trial.
  • In recent years - quite a few instances, especially in Karnataka, of omnibus interim injunctions against all media houses obtained by some people solely to prevent any news reporting about themselves.
  • While claiming to be defamed by one publication, they sue all media outlets and obtain open-ended stay on publications, including those that are hardly interested in writing about them.

Be vaccine ready | ToI

  • It’s an unhappy irony that even as the past 25 weeks have seen the world race like never before to find a new vaccine, the percentage of the world’s children who received all the existing vaccines recommended by WHO is dropping back to where it was 25 years ago.
  • When it’s finally here, how will we access the vaccine(s)?
  • Economic toll of pandemic
  • Fast-track vaccine development
  • Seal advance purchase agreements
  • Multilateral platform Covax - working to deliver vaccines equitably to all countries.
  • COVAX initiative, currently has the world’s largest and most diverse COVID-19 vaccine portfolio.
  • Being the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, India plays a key role in all this.
  • The Serum Institute of India alone will be manufacturing billions of doses for Covax, Oxford-AstraZeneca and Novavax.
  • Chief executive Adar Poonawalla
    1. The world will need 15 billion doses in case of a two-dose vaccine, and unless manufacturing capacity is expanded it will be 2024 end before every human being can be vaccinated.
    2. In the absence of a sophisticated cold chain India could see a situation where “you have capacity for your country but you can’t consume it.”
  • The National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19

New order in West Asia

  • Egypt signed peace treaties with Israel in 1979
  • 1994 Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty
  • Abraham Accords - signed in the White House - UAE, Bahrain and Israel
  • A new beginning - Sunni-ruled Gulf kingdoms and the Jewish state
  • More Arab countries are expected to follow suit
  • A rare diplomatic win for Mr. Trump
  • Trump: “the new dawn of a new Middle East”

  • The agreements leave the Palestinian question largely unaddressed.
  • But it does not mean that the Palestinian question would fade away.
  • Non-Arab Muslim powers — Iran, Turkey and their allies are filling it.
  • With the U.S. in retreat and Turkey and Iran pursuing more aggressive foreign policies, there is a three-way contest taking shape, in which Sunni-ruled Arab kingdoms, all American allies, are realigning their geopolitical interests with Israel.

Beyond the barriers of disability

  • The United Nations (UN) was created, nearly 75 years ago
  • UN was created to reaffirm faith in the dignity and worth of humans, and in the equal rights of women and men.
  • Fundamental values: in order to live sustainably, we must practise tolerance and endorse the values of equality.
  • However, if we are to stay true to the values of the UN, we must bring marginalised communities from the fringes back into the development mainstream.
  • love’s in need of love today
  • Over a billion people worldwide are impacted by disability and the stigma surrounding it.
  • World Health Organization: nearly 15% of the world's population has some or the other form of disability, making disabled people the largest global minority.
  • Capabilities deemed essential for human development
  • About 80% of the estimated one billion persons with disabilities worldwide live in developing countries.
  • National Census (2011) - 73.6% of persons living with disabilities in India are outside the labour force.
  • India improved enrolment rates of children with disabilities in schools.
  • Globally, UNESCO joined its partners in the Global Action on Disability (GLAD) Network to raise awareness about the need to put in place strategies to mitigate the impact of school closures on learners with disabilities.
  • With the right investments, youth with disabilities in India can also be the country’s largest asset.
  • At the heart of any democracy is an informed citizenry that is empowered to make decisions and hold its government accountable.
  • It is the vehicle through which ideas are debated, policies are formulated, and conflicts are resolved.
  • Violent attacks against journalists, including murder, are surprisingly common in India and rarely punished.
  • A 2016 report entitled ‘Dangerous Pursuits’ by the Committee to Protect Journalists, found that journalists who report on government corruption are routinely murdered with impunity.
  • The Modi government needs to deploy the full arsenal of tools available in a democracy to confront the challenge.
  • This means presenting a clear and credible plan to the people for tackling COVID-19, and using persuasion, arguments, evidence and reason to rally their support.
  • Even in democracies, citizens are beginning to wonder if liberty and freedom must be sacrificed to fight the disease.
  • In order to restore its lustre, India’s leaders need to express confidence in democratic principles and trust in the country’s citizens.


  • Lok Sabha passes Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill
  • Terrorist incidents in J&K reduced significantly after revocation of Article 370: Govt
  • RBI assures industry of taking all necessary measures to ensure liquidity in system & promote economic growth
  • India registers highest single day COVID-19 recoveries of 82961 people
  • Yoshihide Suga sworn in as Japan's new Prime Minister
  • Govt working on setting up single window system for clearances & approvals of industry: Piyush Goyal
  • Govt allows RT- PCR testing at entry of airport on pilot basis to facilitate transfer of international passengers
  • MoRTH invites applications for National Highways Excellence Awards 2020
  • EAM S Jaishankar chairs customary meeting of IBSA Foreign Ministers
  • PM Modi to dedicate historic Kosi Rail Mahasetu to the nation on Friday