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Date: 14 June 2021


  • PM Modi says reform in multilateral system is best signal of commitment for the cause of Open Societies
  • G-7 leaders reaffirm their shared belief in open societies, democratic values and multilateralism
  • PM Modi to deliver a keynote address at UN conference on Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought today
  • All markets and Malls to open in Delhi today after further easing of restrictions
  • Karnataka govt announces relaxation in Lockdown for districts with lower positivity rates
  • Southwest monsoon set to arrive in national capital and cover most parts of northwest India by tomorrow
  • NCPCR asks social media platforms to share origin of posts advertising direct adoption of Covid orphans
  • Sputnik V likely to be available at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi from Tuesday
  • In shaping post-COVID reality, there is no way out for India but growth: Amitabh Kant
  • Oxygen Express trains cross milestone of 30,000 MT of liquid medical oxygen delivery across country
  • Naftali Bennett sworn-in as new Prime Minister of Israel
  • Switzerland voters reject key climate change measures
  • About 33,000 severely malnourished children in Tigray region, Ethiopia are at high risk of death: Unicef
  • Bangladesh extends closure of educational institutions till June 30
  • World No.1 Novak Djokovic clinches his second French open Men's Singles title


    • Large consumer goods and auto manufacturers said the second Covid wave has not impacted the availability of migrant workers as much as last year, with most returning as lockdowns were lifted in their native districts, helping companies scale up faster this time around.
    • Now that markets are opening up and pent-up demand is buoyant in some categories, the availability of casual workers will help them expand production capacities.
    • Panasonic India CEO Manish Sharma said this year’s reverse migration had been at a lower scale than last year and people who went back had come back faster this time.
  • Long-range Drones for Deliveries
    • The first experimental long-range drone flights in India are due to take off later this month in parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Punjab, said government officials and company executives who expect successful trials to pave the way for drone-based deliveries of medicines, ecommerce orders and food.
    • These drones that are permitted to fly up to around 20 kms at one stretch, mark a first for the country which currently permits only drone flights within the visual line of sight (VLOS) or 450 metres from the operator.
    • Later this week, a consortium of companies led by global drone services provider ANRA Technologies will pilot deliveries of medicines in tieup with the Indian Institute of Technology Ropar and experiment with delivery of food orders along with Swiggy in Jawra, Rajasthan.
    • Separately, teams led by Throttle Aerospace and Daksha Unmanned Systems will pilot deliveries of medicines in Gauribidanur in Karnataka and Thiruvalluvar outside Chennai, respectively.
    • In May 2019, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation had released an expression of interest to conduct experimental BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) drone flights to gather learnings ahead of framing regulations to govern drone-based deliveries and other long-range drone use cases.
  • G7 Leaders Agree on Vaccines, China and Taxing Corporations
    • The leaders of the world’s richest countries have pledged more than 1 billion coronavirus vaccine doses to poorer nations, endorsed a global minimum tax on multinational corporations and agreed they will work together to challenge China’s “non-market economic practices” and to call on Beijing to respect human rights in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.
    • Biden also wanted to persuade fellow democratic leaders to present a more unified front to compete economically with Beijing and strongly call out China's “nonmarket policies and human rights abuses.”
    • Johnson, the summit's host, said there was a “fantastic degree of harmony'' among the G7 leaders to demonstrate the value of democracy and human rights to the rest of the world and help “the world's poorest countries to develop themselves in a way that is clean and green and sustainable.”
  • September 11, USA military to exit Afghanistan
  • India must think about Taliban coming to power question
  • Can Taliban defeat democratically elected government of Afghanistan?
  • The Afghan National Army, the ground-war arm of the Afghan National Security and Defence Forces (ANSDF), has, become a battle-hardened force capable of confronting the Taliban and other terrorist organisations.
  • 80 to 90 per cent of the air support
  • The fledgling Afghan Air Force (AAF)
  • Taliban has a control over countryside and some cities
  • Few defeats of Afghan forces was due to operational constraints imposed by Trump admin.
  • 5,000 Taliban fighters were released from jails
  • The Taliban, has close ties with terror outfits like the Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen.
  • Trying to reach out to the Taliban will be futile.
  • Islamabad is loath to permit any Indian influence over Afghanistan.

  • The concept of “strategic depth” has become a fixation with Pakistan.
  • Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan — as moving towards a common destiny and forming the strategic depth of the Muslim world.
  • India will lose the huge investments
  • India must do its best to foil Pakistan’s bid and prevent the Taliban from capturing power in Afghanistan.
  • In the short run, it can enhance the capabilities of the ANSDF by helping in the maintenance of the AAF’s planes and helicopters
  • Impose heavy costs on Pakistan by economic and other means to hamper its support to the Taliban.
  • Simultaneously, it must spearhead an international campaign against the Taliban’s regressive ideology, repressive attitude towards women, and the fact that under them Afghanistan would once again become a base for terror strikes against the West.
  • The US, with the history of 9/11 behind it, and European countries which have suffered significantly from terrorist attacks, must be strenuously reminded of what can happen.

Taming the dragon | Pioneer

  • China hosted the 10 Asean Foreign Ministers earlier last week
  • China’s expansionist blueprint, especially under the Belt and Road Initiative, is an open secret.
  • China has pledged to provide COVID-19 vaccines and to cooperate in vaccine research with the Southeast Asian countries.

  • Aims to boost influence in the region to counter the US amid recent military incidents involving the Philippines and Malaysia in the South China Sea.
  • Chinese officials have in recent weeks stepped up Quad’s criticism.
  • In Sri Lanka and Bangladesh recently, China’s Defence Minister called on both the countries to reject “military alliances”, which is their loose translation for the Quad.
  • US Secretary of State Tony Blinken said in Washington that China is the single nation that militarily, economically, diplomatically and politically has the ability to try to “disturb” the rules-based order that America, its friends and allies strongly defend.
  • Speaking of bilateral ties, China was mentioned as both the “most consequential and most complicated relations that the US has”.
  • Around the same time, in Tokyo, Japan and Australia shared concern about China’s increasingly assertive actions in regional seas and its “coercive or destabilising” behaviour.
  • It’s about time that India too openly came out to speak in support of its partners in Quad.

Seven Steps To Beat Third Wave | ToI

  • Symptoms of Covid in a few vaccinated patients can be more than the common cold but it is very unlikely that they will land in the ICU.
  • So while in some countries the third wave has been worse than the second wave, global experience is proving again and again that vaccination protects.
  • Today we have the option to convert a dreaded Covid third wave into just a ‘Covid third wave of common cold’ – by vaccination.
  1. The central government should procure Indian and foreign vaccines at the best possible price quickly.
  2. State governments should distribute vaccines to government hospitals for free and to private hospitals or clinics at cost price.
  3. No vaccine should remain in a government or private hospital refrigerator for more than 10 days.
  4. Vaccination should become a flexible 24x7 service under medical supervision.
  1. State governments should involve big and small private hospitals and clinics for free vaccination.
  2. Vaccination should become a community affair.
  3. A vaccine certificate can also be made mandatory at workplaces, public transport and recreational facilities when vaccines become freely available.

B3W Versus BRI | ToI

China’s rise

  • Since the seven countries first got together in the 1970s, their share of global GDP has halved, 40% from 80%.
  • America has stepped forward with a plan, supposedly the centrepiece of G7’s fightback: Build Back Better for the World. B3W is to take on China’s BRI.

  • The idea is that Western democracies will finally moderate China’s infra swagger, by building on their own in developing economies.
  • This is a good idea, but it will take the same kind of unity and resolve that was seen in crafting the new world order after World War II.
  • Currently much of the push is coming from the Biden administration, other Western countries are less keen.
  • Italy even joined the BRI in 2019 and shows little enthusiasm for a divorce.
  • Also, Joe Biden does not enjoy the policy carte blanche of Xi Jinping, who can make policy at will and compel state-owned banks to provide financing, all without legislative battles.
  • India’s refusal to join BRI has been precisely because of the exploitive terms and security downsides to which the Cornwall G7 summit is responding.
  • India was also in attendance as a guest, and greater synergies with the G7 calculus are to its advantage.
  • But tomorrow is the first anniversary of the Galwan valley clash and there can be no grimmer reminder that when it comes right down to it, India will have to deal with China’s aggressions one on one.
  • Let us not have delusions about any chivalrous rescue.


Q.) Among the following, which country has the highest percentage of fully vaccinated people?

  1. Brazil
  2. Israel
  3. UK
  4. Russia


Q.) Name the terrorist organisation deemed responsible by Burkinabe authorities for the recent massacre of at least 160 people in Burkina Faso?

  1. Islamic State in the Greater Sahara
  2. al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
  3. Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen
  4. Ansar-ul-Islam lil-Ichad wal Jihad