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Date: 11 March 2021
  • Switzerland
  • Raijor Dal
  • Yarlung Zongbo
  • m.t. Swarna Krishan
  • 1977

Q. ) According to immigration system of USA, who is an H-4 Visa holder?

  1. Family member of H-1B visa holder
  2. Student
  3. Casual Worker
  4. Temporary Agriculture Worker

Q.) The Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Act of 2020 seeks to ensure that ____ of all jobs with gross monthly salaries of up to ₹50,000 are provided to the State’s own residents.

  1. 25%
  2. 50%
  3. 75%
  4. 95%

Q.) According to which agreement, USA will fully withdraw all its forces from Afghanistan by as early as May 1?

  1. Doha Agreement
  2. Bilateral Security Agreement
  3. Strategic Partnership Agreement
  4. US-Taliban Peace Agreement

Q.) Which article of the Indian Constitution seeks to prohibit the slaughter of cow, calves, milch and drought animals?

  1. Article 78
  2. Article 27
  3. Article 83
  4. Article 48

In need of full-time heads

  • The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), with a strength of 3.5 lakh, is headless following the previous incumbent Dr. A.P. Maheshwari’s superannuation on February 28, 2021.
  • The Special Director General, Kuldiep Singh, is holding charge until a regular officer is appointed.
  • The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been without a head since February 3 when R.K. Shukla retired on completion of his two-year term.
  • Common Cause, an NGO, has since filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court seeking the appointment of a regular CBI Director through the high-powered selection committee of the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice of India and the Leader of the Opposition.
  • Rakesh Asthana is Director General of BSF and head of Narcotics Control Bureau
  • The BSF is the second largest force in the country after the CRPF.
  • The elite National Security Guard too is without a regular Director General for nearly six months.
  • Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D), too, is functioning without a regular Director General.
  • Though they play a pivotal role in maintaining internal security, there doesn’t seem to be much seriousness in posting the right kind of officers with not only the required skill and experience but also the time.
  • The government of the day could consider announcing the next chief of these organisations at least three months in advance with a minimum tenure of two years or till superannuation, whichever is later.

No To Ghettos | ToI

  • Supreme Court’s move to examine whether to review the 1992 Indra Sawhney verdict capping reservations at 50% calls for caution.
  • Far from correcting historical injustices, reservations have become a competitive subdivision of shrinking opportunities.
  • Indra Sawhney attempted to balance the right to equality and state’s prerogative for socio-economic justice with the 50% cap.
  • Already, Centre and many state governments have breached this cap and aren’t being held to account.
  • The SC proceedings are also witnessing a challenge on grounds of federalism against Article 342A introduced by the 102nd Constitution Amendment Act (2018), which requires presidential (Centre’s) assent for states notifying changes to OBC categories.
  • Slowing economic growth and success of various groups in enlisting under OBC/ SC/ ST categories and easing creamy layer ceilings have created social divides that can’t be solved – but may be worsened – by more reservations.
  • In an underdeveloped country like India, pretty much every community can be shown to be backward in some absolute sense.
  • However, quota gains for it can only be at the expense of some other community, perhaps even more backward.

Back to nature | Pioneer

  • The country’s first forest healing centre was inaugurated recently at Kalika in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand.
  • The forest healing centre, spread over 13 acres, has been developed by the research wing of the Uttarakhand Forest Department after a comprehensive study on the healing properties of forests and their revitalising impact on the overall health and well-being of people.
  • It will involve activities like tree-hugging, meditation and sky gazing.
  • Trained guides will help people engage in activities that help them experience nature with all their senses and relax as the therapy reduces cortisol, a stress hormone.
  • Research shows that forest bathing has a positive impact on blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • That we have forgotten how to feel the soil under our feet, smell the earth after the first rain, idly gaze at a spider spinning its web or at a star-filled sky or watch the canopy of trees swaying above us in awe, reveals that we live a poor life indeed, bereft of nature’s bounty.
  • Given our tenuous link with Mother Nature and obsession with a fast-paced materialistic life, this loss of touch with our inner self and realisation about what really matters, was bound to happen.
  • According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), close to one billion people are living with a mental disorder and one person dies every 40 seconds by suicide.
  • WHO estimates that about 7.5 per cent of Indians suffer from some form of mental disorder, with 56 million suffering from depression and another 38 million from anxiety disorders.

Why the UK and Japan have renewed their relationship| Ind Exp

  • Crucial developments in defence cooperation between the UK and Japan
  • February 3: fourth Japan-UK foreign and defence ministerial
  • Japan is “a key security partner for the UK and an enduring friend”
  • The UK, which is assuming the Presidency of the G7 this year as well as hosting the UN Climate Conference, has carried out a major outreach towards Japan in particular.
  • Japan has emerged as a key fulcrum of the UK’s evolving Indo-Pacific strategy, and the two sides have recently concluded a Maritime Security Arrangement between the Royal Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Forces (JMSDF) to promote Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA).
  • This comes in the wake of the British Army becoming the only country after the US to train with Japanese forces on Japanese soil.
  • As recently as in the second round held in 2016, there was no mention of the Indo-Pacific in the joint statement.
  • By the time the third round was held at the end of 2017, the joint statement evolved to refer to Japan’s initiatives based on the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy” and to welcome greater engagement by the UK in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Post-Brexit, the UK is looking to strengthen its moorings, once again, in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • One of the most important outcomes of the fourth round of the 2+2 dialogue is the planned visit by HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s largest warship, along with her Carrier Strike Group to East Asia in a bid to elevate defence cooperation and to contribute to a free and open Indo-Pacific.
  • After Commodore Matthew C Perry forced Japan to sign a commercial treaty with the US in 1854, Japan was quick to forge a maritime partnership with Britain under which most of its principal warships were built in British yards.
  • France, too, chipped in with its formidable technological prowess to support Japan but Britain was still the preferred partner.
  • Japan’s defeat of China in 1894-95 made it the preeminent power in Asia and a sought-after ally for Britain against the backdrop of growing fiction with China.
  • Its adoption of British operational training modules played an important role in its naval victory over Russia in the Battle of Tsushima in 1905, the first instance of an Asian power vanquishing a European nation.
  • It is hardly surprising that the UK and Japan should be coming together again, given their long history of naval cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.
  • The UK’s invitation to Japan to join the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance could further strengthen the latter’s tandem with the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada in the grouping.
  • The day is not far when an expanded Quad will include the UK


  • OECD on Indian Economy
    • Interim Economic Outlook Report
    • India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth is expected to rebound sharply to 12.6% in FY22, making it the fastest-growing economy in the world.
    • The projection is more positive than the Indian government’s own estimate of an 8% contraction in GDP growth for FY21.
    • Crisil: 11% in FY22
    • China is forecast to grow by 7.8% in FY22 by the Paris-based OECD.
    • Record all Calls: Fund Managers Fret Over Rule
    • Asset management companies (AMCs) are complying with a Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) diktat that came in October 2020 that all calls made or received by executives taking investment decisions will have to be recorded, provided they happen during market hours, 9 am to 3.30 pm.
    • Not only are fund managers aghast at the idea that private conversations with family and friends are getting recorded, they are also complaining that vital work-related calls are getting affected, too.
    • The aim is to curb illegal trades by mutual funds’ investment team. But the impact has been much wider — affecting both personal and professional spaces, say investment houses.
    • Strategic disinvestment would be the primary mode for disinvestment receipts and the scope for sale of minority stake in PSU companies has reduced, MoS for finance Anurag Singh Thakur informed Rajya Sabha.
    • Thakur said the government had realised ₹20,627 crore as disinvestment receipts till March 3.
  • Asset monetisation
    • Asset monetisation should be viewed as an overall strategy for bringing about a paradigm shift in infrastructure augmentation and maintenance and not just as a funding mechanism
    • “Materialising India’s vision of a $5 trillion economy, while striking the right balance between fiscal imperatives and socio-economic welfare, can only be achieved through active collaboration between public and private sector,”
    • The workshop elaborated on the strategic context of core and non-core asset monetisation, along with detailed discussions on the need for and modality of such monetisation by public sector entities, and the experiences of public and private sector entities in the space.
    • The finance minister added that investment planned under the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) was critical for boosting growth in states and various initiatives in this year’s Union Budget would facilitate funding for infrastructure creation under the NIP.
    • She also called for a proactive and collaborative approach by the central and state agencies for achieving the objectives of the National Monetization Pipeline.
  • Avoid Crony Lending: CEA
    • Chief Economic Adviser K V Subramanian on Tuesday asked financial institutions to avoid crony lending and focus on high quality loans for creation of assets that will help the country become a $5 trillion economy.
    • He said the Indian banking sector since the early 1990s faced the problem of poor quality lending especially on large loans, and funds were not given to most creditworthy borrowers but to crony capitalists, leading to high distress.
    • There is an opportunity cost as the capital does not go to a more creditworthy borrower
    • It is the duty of the financial sector to ensure that optimal capital allocation happens in the economy, he said.
  • Ease of Biz Boost: 6K Compliances to be Eased
    • India has identified 6,000 burdensome compliances, both at the central and states levels, that would be eased as part of the government's plan to make it easier to do business.
    • Mohapatra said most compliance burdens were seen in five ministries — commerce and industry, finance, health, corporate affairs and mines.
    • Out of the 6,000 compliances, 1,500-2,000 are at central level and the remaining at state.
    • The exercise would be carried out in two phases. In Phase-I, work is underway for reducing regulatory


  • Tirath Singh Rawat sworn-in as Uttarakhand's new CM
  • BJP-JJP govt wins trust vote in Haryana Assembly
  • PM Modi asks BJP MPs to actively participate in year long celebrations of 75th Independence Day
  • Both Houses of Parliament pass legislations amid ruckus
  • Cabinet approves 'PM Swasthya Suraksha Nidhi' as single non-lapsable reserve fund
  • Centre releases Revenue Deficit Grant of over Rs. 6,194 crore to 14 States
  • Indian Railways identifies over 3 lakh 22 thousand employees for vaccination in next phase
  • 616 Fast Track Special Courts including 330 exclusive POCSO courts functional in states, UTs: Government
  • France launches first military exercises in space
  • Improved connectivity between India and Bangladesh can bring substantial gains in national income, trade: World Bank