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Date: 10 March 2021


  • Institute of National Importance
  • Bolivar
  • Min Aung Hlaing
  • 178
  • Red Echo

Q.) Recently, which European nation banned wearing of Burqa, Hijab, Bandana and Ski Mask in public?

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Switzerland
  4. The Netherlands

Q.) Akhil Gogoi, an activist, is the head of which party?

  1. Raijor Dal
  2. Assam Jatiya Parishad
  3. Asom Gana Parishad
  4. United People’s Party Liberal

Q.) What is the name of Brahmaputra river in Tibet?

  1. Yarlung Zongbo
  2. Yangtze
  3. Lancang
  4. Shiquan He

Q.) Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya gave a green flag to an all woman crew onboard Shipping Corporation of Indis (SCI) vessel _________

  1. m.t. Swarna Godavari
  2. m.t. Swarna Krishan
  3. m.t. Swarna Mala
  4. m.t. Swarna Cavery

Q.) UN Day for Women’s Rights and World Peace day was declared by United Nations in which year?

  1. 1999
  2. 1988
  3. 1977
  4. 1966


Pursuing the American dream with ‘WFA

  • Work-from-anywhere is an alternative of immigration permission.
  • Trump administration made it very difficult to migrate to USA
  • June 2020 Executive Order - COVID-19 pandemic  - loss of around $100 billion in valuation for publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.
  • U.S. President Joe Biden has made reforming the immigration system a priority in his coming term.
  • However, it is important to note that this is still just a proposal.
  • There is a long road ahead before the proposal becomes the law of the land, needing to pass through both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.
  • Given partisan divisions in the U.S. legislature, it is quite unlikely that the proposal in its current form will ever become law.
  • Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, companies were beginning to explore remote work options.
  • Covid accelerated this trend
  • Work-from-anywhere grants individuals more freedom compared to WFH
  • Live in a town, city, or country
  • Be closer to family and friends, manage dual career situations and move somewhere where they can enjoy better weather or a better cultural and culinary fit
  • Work-from-anywhere can help Indian companies and workers mitigate the challenges of immigration
  • Work globally without queuing up for an H1-B visa

In pursuit of power

  • China’s National People’s Congress
  • He spoke of the U.S.’s attempt to contain China and of Beijing’s attempts to win the economic, technological and strategic competition against the U.S.
  • He unveiled plans to transform China into a manufacturing superpower by 2025
  1. Rare earth materials
  2. Robotics
  3. Aircraft engines
  4. New energy vehicles
  5. High-end medical devices
  6. Major equipment in shipbuilding, aviation and high-speed rail
  7. Agricultural machinery
  8. Applications of BeiDou
  • It will “fix weak links of components, software and fundamental systems” by boosting expenditure on basic research and raising investment in research and development over the next five years.
  • China has made considerable advances in 5G, artificial intelligence, drones, bio and financial technologies
  • Progress has been patchy in high-end technologies for manufacturing engines for its fifth-generation aircraft, miniaturisation of nuclear reactors for aircraft carriers or semiconductors and microchips
  • China will continue to modernise its navy, missile and strategic forces to challenge the U.S.’s dominance in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait.

  • China will strengthen its grip on Hong Kong
  • Beijing will push its efforts to assimilate China’s ethnic minorities such as Uighurs, Tibetans, Mongols and others.
  • Public protests will be dealt like “fight on a battlefield”
  • China will make more efforts to augment its economic partnership with the EU, ASEAN, Japan and South Korea.
  • Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
  • Comprehensive Agreement on Investment with the EU
  • It is working to sign free trade agreements with Japan and South Korea.
  • Polar Silk Road: extracting natural gas + faster shipping route to Europe
  • Chinese leaders are accustomed to pronouncing ambitious targets at important meetings to maintain high national fervour and seek greater attention from global investors and business leaders.

Food Waste Index Report 2021

  • “Maa Annapoorna” : Hindu goddess of food and nourishment
  • Average households waste 50 kg of food per person per year in India
  • United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Food Waste Index Report 2021, homes, institutions, retail outlets and restaurants wasted almost 931 million metric tonnes, or 17%, of the food available for consumption in 2019.
  • Besides, a significant quantity of food is lost on farms and in supply chains, indicating that overall a third of the food produced actually never gets eaten.
  • But the maximum wastage is done at homes.
  • Nearly 61% of consumer-level food goes into waste bins each year at home, the report states.
  • Food waste has serious social, environmental and economic impacts
  • As per the UN, 690 million people were impacted by hunger in 2019 and three billion couldn’t afford a healthy diet.
  • Wasted food, upon reaching landfills, leads to major greenhouse gas emissions

Why does the deepening Indo-US friendship puzzle so many? | IndExp

  • The Democratic Party’s strong concerns on human rights, it was argued, were bound to undermine US ties with the Modi government.
  • India’s expanding partnership with the US is marked by a fascinating political puzzle.
  • The quickening pace of diplomatic engagement between the two capitals
  • It was widely held that the Indo-Pacific and the Quad will become footnotes in Biden’s foreign policy.
  • The roots of this problem, on the Indian side at least, lie in the enduring reluctance of Delhi’s foreign policy community to either acknowledge or accept the unfolding transformation of India’s ties with the US.
  • It also rests in the continuing underestimation of Delhi’s capacity to rework its great power relations to meet India’s changing interests and circumstances.
  • Biden has signalled more continuity than discontinuity with Trump’s China policy.
  • He affirmed continuing commitment to the Indo-Pacific and the Quad.
  • The foreign ministers of the Quad were quick to convene digitally and the summit appears a natural next step.
  • The US is now India’s most comprehensive partner.
  • The Russia relationship is long on defence but short on commerce.
  • India’s commercial ties with China are large, but tilted heavily in Beijing’s favour
  • Collective Europe is big on commerce but small on security cooperation
  • The US has a sizeable presence in both economic and security dimensions
  • If Delhi negotiates a ceasefire with Rawalpindi, it is assumed that the Biden administration must have played a role.
  • If Delhi sees value in the “Indo-Pacific” construct, it must be under American pressure.
  • The traditional discourse finds it hard to come to terms with the twin factors shaping India’s new approach.
  • India’s aggregate GDP increased ten-fold between 1990 ($270 billion) and 2020 (about $2,700 billion) and pushed it into the world’s top five economies.
  • The new India no longer wrings its hands in dealing with the US; it relishes the large room for strategic bargaining with America.

Financial News

  • $25-m Global Fund
    • On Women’s Day, Google announced a series of efforts to support the economic empowerment of Indian women.
    • This includes a commitment to support one million rural women entrepreneurs and a $500,000 grant to support 100,000 women agricultural workers with digital and financial literacy.
    • Google also marked the completion of its joint effort with Tata Trusts to empower women across rural India with digital literacy skills and bridge the digital gender divide through its Internet Saathi programme.
    • “The success of the Internet Saathi programme has shown how digital access and digital literacy can help women to reach their full potential and improve their livelihoods,” said Alphabet Inc CEO Sundar Pichai.
  • ‘₹3.4 L cr Collected from Duty on Fuel’
    • The government has collected ₹3,40,750 crore as central excise duty on petrol and diesel between January 2020 and January 2021, minister of state for finance Anurag Singh Thakur said in the Lok Sabha on Monday.
    • In a written response to a query, he also said there was no proposal of doing away with the said duty.
    • Central excise duty on unbranded petrol is ₹32.90 per litre while that on branded petrol is ₹34.10. The central excise duty on unbranded diesel stands at ₹31.80 per litre and that on branded diesel is at ₹34.20 per litre.
  • Vivad Se Vishwas
    • The minister of state for finance Anurag Singh Thakur said the government has received ₹53,346 crore from the Vivad Se Vishwas direct tax dispute resolution scheme while declarations amounting to ₹98,328 crore had been filed till March 1.
  • E-invoice Must for B2B Deals over ₹50 cr
    • E-invoicing will be mandatory for businessto-business (B2B) transactions for taxpayers having turnover of over ₹50 crore from April 1, 2021, according to a notification by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs.
    • At present, issuing e-invoices is mandatory for businesses with turnover of ₹100 crore and more, which was put into effect from January 1, 2021, while for companies having turnover of ₹500 crore plus was made effective from October 1, 2020.


  • Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat resigns; BJP legislative party to meet tomorrow in Dehradun to elect new leader
  • PM inaugurates Maitri Setu between India and Bangladesh to boost connectivity and enhance economic opportunities for people of both countries
  • Filing of nomination papers for 1st phase of assembly polls in Assam and West Bengal ends today
  • ECI doubles broadcast time for National and recognised State Parties on DD and AIR
  • India crosses a landmark in COVID-19 vaccination; administers more than 20 lakh vaccines in a day across country
  • Both Houses of Parliament adjourned amidst noisy scenes by opposition over fuel prices
  • PM Modi releases 11 volumes of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita manuscripts
  • Pilots and cabin crew members will not fly aircraft for 48 hours after receiving COVID vaccination: DGCA
  • Sugar production in country during current sugar season 2020-21 estimated to be at 310 lakh Metric Tonnes
  • 3.77 crore rural households provided tap water connections under Jal Jeevan Mission
  • MEA summons British High Commissioner to convey strong opposition over discussion in British Parliament on agricultural reforms in India
  • Bangladesh to become connectivity hub between South and SouthEast Asia- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
  • India rebukes UK MPs for criticising its handling of long-running farmers' protests in Delhi
  • United States offers temporary legal residency to Venezuelans
  • Bangladesh-India hold Commerce Secretary level meeting in Dhaka