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Date: 13 March 2019


 approves proposal for accession of India to

  • (a) The Nice Agreement on the International classification of goods and services for the purposes of registration of marks
  • (b) The Vienna Agreement for setting up an International classification of the figurative elements of marks
  • (c) The Locarno Agreement for establishing an International classification for industrial designs
  • (d)The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the proposal for accession of India to
  • The Nice Agreement concerning the International classification of Goods and Services for the purposes of registration of marks,
  • (ii) The Vienna Agreement establishing an International Classification of the figurative elements of marks, and


  • (iii) The Locarno Agreement establishing an International classification for industrial designs.
  • Accession to the Nice, Vienna and Locarno Agreements will help the Intellectual Property Office in India to harmonise the classification systems for examinational of trademark and design applications, in line with the classification systems followed globally.
  • It would give an opportunity to include Indian designs, figurative elements and goods in the international classification systems.
  • The accession is expected to instill confidence in foreign investors in relation to protection of IPs in India.
  • The accession would also facilitate in exercising rights in decision making processes regarding review and revision of the classifications under the agreement.

Ministry Of Law & Justice

  • Cabinet approves issue of Notifications for “General Elections to the Lok Sabha 2019)” The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the "“General Elections to the Lok Sabha 2019) -for issuance of statutory notifications under under sub-section(2) of Section 14 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951”. It provides for calling upon the parliamentary constituencies to elect Members to the House of the People, on the dates to be recommended by the Election Commission of India in its Proceedings. Impact:
  • The issuing of notifications would begin the election process for constituting the Seventeenth House of the People. The Delimitation commission or Boundary commission of India is a commission established by the Government of India under the provisions of the Delimitation Commission Act.


  • The main task of the commission is redrawing the boundaries of the various assemblyand Lok Sabha constituencies based on a recent census. The representation from each State is not changed during this exercise.
  • However, the number of SC and ST seats in a state are changed in accordance with the census. The present delimitation of constituencies has been done on the basis of 2001 census under the provisions of Delimitation Act, 2002. The Commission is a powerful and independent body whose orders cannot be challenged in a court of law. The orders are laid before the Lok Sabha and the respective State Legislative Assemblies. However, modifications are not permitted. Delimitation commissions have been set up four times in the past — 1952, 1963, 1973 and 2002 — under Delimitation Commission Acts of 1952, 1962, 1972 and 2002.


  • Ministry of Information & Broadcasting India Pavilion inaugurated at London Book Fair Shri Vikram Sahay, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and Ms. Sadhana Rout, Director General, Publications Division inaugurated the India Pavilion at London Book Fair on Tuesday.
  • The Fair is being held in the London Olympia from 12th to 14th March. The India Pavilion lays special focus on 150thBirth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. It displays the digital version of the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, apart from various other titles on Culture, History and Folklore of India.

Ministry of Home Affairs

  • Cabinet approves Promulgation of: i) The Daman and Diu Civil Courts (Amendment) Regulation, 2019 ii) The Dadra and Nagar Haveli (Civil Courts and Miscellaneous Provisions)Amendment Regulation, 2019 under Article 240 of the Constitution. Benefits: The move will be helpful in bringing uniformity in Judicial Service. It will also help overcome the difficulties being faced by the litigants in travelling to Mumbai for filing appeals due to existing limited pecuniary jurisdiction. Enhanced pecuniary jurisdiction will accelerate the justice delivery system, besides making access easier for litigants without having to travel outside the Union Territory. Article 240 in The Constitution Of India 1949 240.
  • Power of President to make regulations for certain Union territories
  • The President may make regulations for the peace, progress and good government of the Union territory of
  • (a) the Andaman and Nicobar Islands;
  • (b) Lakshadweep;
  • (c) Dadra and Nagar Haveli;
  • (d) Daman and Diu;
  • (e) Pondicherry; Provided that when any body is created under Article 239A to function as a Legislature for the Union territories of Pondicherry, the President shall not make any regulation for the peace, progress and good government of that Union territory with effect from the date appointed for the first meeting of the Legislature: Provided further that whenever the body functioning as a Legislature for the Union territory of Pondicherry is dissolved, or the functioning of that body as such Legislature remains suspended on account of any action taken under any such law as is referred to in clause
  • ( 1 ) of Article 239A, the President may, during the period of such dissolution or suspension, make regulations for the peace, progress and good government of that Union territory
  • (2) Any regulation so made may repeal or amend any Act made by Parliament or any other law which is for the time being applicable to the Union territory and, when promulgated by the President, shall have the same force and effect as an Act of Parliament which applies to that territory