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Afghanistan evacuation

Date: 30 November 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Since the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, many evacuation flights have taken place to provide safe passage to vulnerable sections.



The United States started evacuating their citizens and also Afghans who had aided them in their 20-year war effort.



  • Many people have been able to leave the country on flights organized by the State Department or private groups and individuals.

  • Recently, TV star Kim Kardashian organized a charter flight for members of Afghanistan’s women’s youth development soccer team and their families.

  • Most of the evacuation has taken place quietly, to avoid gaining unnecessary attention. People are demanding that more citizens be allowed to leave country to escape Taliban rule.


Evacuated sections

  • The capital of Kabul fell more quickly than anticipated. US hastily organized cargo flights to evacuate their soldiers.

  • U.S. permanent residents, special visa holders and also Afghans particularly vulnerable to Taliban retribution or their harsh rule were also evacuated.


Condition of Afghan evacuees

  • Many Afghans have been temporarily moved to at least eight countries before they reach USA. Some of they may settle elsewhere.

  • Many of them are temporarily housed in US bases across the world. They will ultimately be settled after undergoing immigration procedure and medical examination.


Status of evacuation

  • Allied Airlift 21 and Task Force Argo are some of the private organization trying to evacuate people left behind.

  • Many citizens of US are still in Afghanistan. They are unable to leave due to fear of Taliban or because of relatives back in Afghanistan.

  • Many people have lost their documents during the siege by Taliban. The US embassy has suspended its operations.

  • Still there are many people who are making efforts to leave. This includes ethnic minorities or people who are LGBTQ.

  • Private entities are lobbying with Congress to expand categories of people who would qualify for the special immigrant visa.