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Preventing drone attack

Date: 30 June 2021 Tags: Security Threats


A drone was involved in dropping bombs at an IAF base in Jammu. This issue has brought focus on anti-drone system.



This is not the first time that drone has been involved in terrorist activities. A few months back, drones had attacked Saudi Arabia’s largest oil facility.



  • This is the first instance of drone weaponisation in India. They have earlier been used by US to kill terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • A drone attack had killed Qasem Soleimani, the chief of Revolutionary Guards of Iran, in Iraq.
  • Companies from Israel, China and US have been offering anti-UAV technology to protect against potential attack. They have made use of radars, optical sensors and jammers to develop them.
  • All systems are not capable of destroying drones. Some of them simply indicate presence of such devices while others monitor.


Anti-drone systems

  • At present, Dome company of Israel has offered its Drone Dome to identify and intercept drones. They are similar to anti-missile systems.
  • The system also has the capability to prevent transmission of signals from handlers and also visuals from the camera mounted on the device.


Domestic system

  • State-run DRDO has developed ‘Anti Drone System’ that will be installed later this year in several strategic locations.
  • The system is capable of detecting and jamming drones in a 3 km radius. It later uses laser weapon to fire at drones that are 1- 2.5 km away from the location.
  • Private entity, Adani Defence Systems and Technologies has developed an anti-drone system that has been currently demonstrated to defence officials.