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Palestinians protesting against President Abbas

Date: 30 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


People in large numbers are protesting against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian authorities.




  • The protests started after the death of a critic of Palestinian Authority under the custody of security forces.

  • The incident is not a one-off issue but rather a protest against Abbas for cancelling the first elections in 15 years.

  • Abbas is also accused of ignoring the problems faced by people in Gaza strip during the Gaza war. There are also allegations of multiple corruption.

  • The Palestinian Authority is considered a leading figure in peaceful resolution of the Palestine issue. The US, EU and even Israel acknowledge its work.

The Palestinian Authority (PA)

  • The PA was established in 1990 after series of negotiations between Israel, Palestine Liberation Force and the West.

  • The PA was considered a state in waiting after it was given limited authority to rule in parts of West Bank, east of Jerusalem.

  • Further negotiations have not yielded any substantial lead for the peace process and talks have not taken place since 2009.

  • In 2007 elections, militant organisation Hamas seized power in Gaza strip. This restricted power of PA to only West Bank. The reconciliation between these two entities have not taken place.

  • The PA has long relations with Israel and west. It is considered corrupt by majority of Palestinians. PA has gone after Hamas with help from Israel.

  • General Palestinians also accuse PA of doing nothing to protect Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque, while Hamas has stood up to Israel during Gaza war.


Reasons for survival

  • US, EU and Israel have invested heavily in PA and does not want it to falter to Hamas.

  • Fall of PA will result in violence in West bank, which otherwise is comparatively silent.