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Conflict in border states of Myanmar

Date: 30 April 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Several ethnic organisations are carrying out their own resistance against the military junta of Myanmar as a form of opposition.



The Military coup in Myanmar suspended the civilian government and established dictatorship. Majority of citizens are still opposing the regime.



  • The Karen National Union (KNU) has seized several outposts of the military in the Karen region bordering Thailand. The military has ordered airstrikes in this region.

  • Kachin Independence Army has been showing resistance in the Kachin state at the tri-junction of Myanmar, China and India. Ethnic Kachins have been displaced in large numbers.

  • China and Defence Force (CDF) conducted an operation that led to death of about 15 Myanmar military personnel in the Chin state bordering Mizoram.


Federation goals

  • Myanmar is made up of the Bamar majority and many smaller ethnic minorities. The only way peace could be maintained was through a federation.

  • Except for a ceasefire agreement, the NLD government could not do much in this field due to aggressiveness of the military.

  • The army gains its powers from the division between the Bamars and the rest of minorities. It had tried to reign in rebels but failed to do so.

  • The rebels who signed the ceasefire agreement have joined hands with the pro-democracy protestors to attack the military.

  • The rebels could force military to focus on mini-battles at the border areas so that pro-democracy protestors maybe spared.



  • The ASEAN has proposed a plan to reduce violence by bringing together different sections such as rebels, civilian groups and the military.

  • The rebels have opposed this plan as it does not include release of Aung San Suu Kyi and other political leaders.

  • Protestors have also demanded that the 2008 constitution drafted and voted by the military should be scrapped and a new one framed.