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Afghanistan’s humanitarian disaster

Date: 29 December 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The Taliban-led Afghanistan government is getting clueless about how to address the looming humanitarian crisis in the country.



The year 2021 was the watershed moment for the country as it saw the end of American war but it soon turned into a nightmare as Taliban recaptured power.



Several countries across the globe have suspended or cut down the aid to Afghanistan after Taliban took over the country. It is only a matter of time before the country collapses.


The present condition

  • International development assistance formed about 80% of the country’s budget. Most of the donors suspended the aid after Taliban captured power.

  • The US has frozen Afghan Central Bank’s assets worth $9.5 billion. The Taliban still finds a place on US treasury department’s sanctions list.


The deterioration

  • More than half of Afghanistan’s 40 million people are facing food crisis. Humanitarian aid has been sent by countries such as US, India and other European countries.

  • Majority of aid is routed through land routes in Iran, Central Asia and Pakistan. A recent resolution by UNSC sought humanitarian aid to the country.


Taliban’s rule

  • Taliban’s claim of reforms in governance is far from truth. The country is still ruled by Pashtun men-only cabinet.

  • One of the factions within Taliban, the Haqqanis have adopted a hardliner approach. They have close ties with Al-Qaeda and Pakistan’s ISI.

  • Extra-judicial killings have been taking place even though it had announced amnesty. Girls have been kept out of primary education.


International recognition for Taliban

  • Several countries such as Russia, China, Pakistan and central Asian republics have kept their diplomatic missions open. But no formal recognition has been given.

  • Pakistan has been batting for recognition of Taliban-led government. China has directly engaged with Taliban.