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Magdalena Andersson

Date: 29 November 2021 Tags: Appointments & Resignations


Magdalena Andersson, who became the first woman Prime Minister of Sweden, resigned hours after being appointed.



Andersson decided to resign as her coalition partner withdrew the support after her government’s budget was presented.



  • Andersson belongs to the Social Democrat and had formed a coalition with the Green party and Left party.

  • She started as an advisor to then Prime Minister Göran Persson in 1996 and later became the Director of Planning.


Rise in the party

  • Andersson worked as State Secretary in Ministry of Finance. She also held the position of Deputy Director-General of the Swedish Tax Agency.

  • She later became the economic policy spokesperson of the Swedish Social Democratic party. After winning election in 2014, she was elected the Minister of Finance in Stefan Löfven’s cabinet


Reasons for resignation

  • Andersson became Prime Minister with the support of centrist Green party and Left party. If less than 175 members in Parliament reject speaker’s proposal for new Prime Minister, they will be elected as Prime Minister.

  • In the 349-member Swedish Parliament, 174 members had voted against the proposal and 117 in favour. This allowed Andersson to become the Prime Minister.

  • Andersson promised to increase pension to gain support of Left party, which made Green party to withdraw support to Andersson’s budget.

  • The budget of opposition parties was passed forcing acceptance. The Green party decided that it was better to quit the government rather than working under the approved budget.

  • Andersson had no choice but to quit after the withdrawal of support. The far-right opposition parties are now planning for a new government.


The opposition party budget

It aims to reduce taxes, increase police salaries and increase expenditure on various judiciary sectors.


Way ahead

Andersson has approached the speaker for appointing her the Prime Minster again. Voting will be held soon for the post.