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Greece builds wall at Turkey border

Date: 27 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Greece has finished building a 40km high-tech wall along its land border with Turkey, fearing a migrant crisis.



A similar refugee crisis had taken place in 2015 when large number of people had crossed over into Greece to escape war and instability in their home country.



  • There are already signs of heavy immigration from Afghanistan after Taliban took over. Greece may be used as an entry point to further enter EU.

  • The wall, consisting of advanced surveillance measures, will prevent migrants cross illegally into Greece from its border with European side of Turkey.

  • Greece has said that it alone cannot shoulder responsibility of looking after illegal migrants and other countries should also step in.

  • The wall will also send a message to the migrants that they will not be welcome in the country. It will act as deterrent against possible migration.


The Afghan crisis

  • After the Taliban captured power, people are fleeing the country to escape atrocities. The similar event took place 20 years ago during the first reign of the group.

  • Afghan nationals are trying to enter Turkey from Iran and then via land or sea enter Greece to eventually get into other countries of Europe.

  • More than 330,000 Afghans have been displaced and the rate of influx into Europe has gone up by 40 percent. Every week, more than 30,000 Afghans migrate from their country.


The 2015 refugee crisis

  • During the Syrian war of 2015, large refugee influx took place in European Union. Majority of migration route happened to be through middle-east.

  • Greece had entered into an agreement with Turkey to give financial support in order to halt migrants from moving towards their country.