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After evacuation forces leave Afghanistan

Date: 27 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


US President Joe Biden has refused to extend the deadline for evacuation of US troops from Afghanistan.



The US has given a deadline of August end for completely leaving Afghanistan along with their troops and equipments.



  • President Biden had announced that 2500 US troops will be brought back soon but had to send back more forces as Taliban quickly gained control of the country.

  • The President is facing criticism from his allies and opponents both at home and elsewhere for the hasty withdrawal without any concrete steps to maintain security.


The next step

  • The present troops present in US include Marines and Paratroopers. The withdrawal must complete by August 31st.

  • At present, more than 70,000 people comprising of US, NATO troops, US citizens and Afghans at risk have been evacuated from the country.

  • The Afghans soldiers protecting the Kabul airport will also be evacuated. US has committed to evacuate any Afghan facing risk from Taliban.

  • Many transport aircrafts, civilian and military aircrafts have been engaged for evacuation. But it looks highly unlikely that all at-risk Afghans will be able to leave the country.


US steps

  • The US has refused to recognize Taliban as a legitimate ruler. However, there are signs that US is ready to hold talks.

  • Extension of US aid to Taliban government looks difficult but can happen if US uses it to leverage Taliban against hosting terror groups.


Humanitarian crisis

  • More than half of Afghanistan’s population is staring at a humanitarian disaster. There are incidents of chaos as people try to flee the country.

  • Deliveries of essential aid have been blocked by the Taliban. There are only enough supplies to last a week.

  • Taliban has allowed UN to pursue humanitarian work but it has refused to accept its stance on human rights and women rights.