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E-way bill integration with FASTag and RFID

Date: 26 May 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The GST authorities have linked e-way bill with RFID and FASTag that allows them to track real-time data of commercial vehicles.



The method has been implemented to prevent revenue leakages that take place by recycling or non-generation of e-way bills.



  • Officials of tax department can access details of commercial vehicles that have passed a toll without generation of e-way bill.

  • The identity of the vehicle carrying a specific commodity to a particular state passing a specific toll can also be found out.

  • Further, officials can also identify details of a suspicious vehicle and its e-way bill generated by a suspicious tax payer with GSTIN number at a particular toll booth.

  • These data will help officials in identifying fraudulent activities such as bill trading, bill recycling etc of e-way bills. They can also increase their vigilance.



  • The transporter of goods is required to have a RFID system in his vehicle that is fed with e-way bill for the goods he is carrying in the vehicle.

  • The vehicle passing through toll gates will enable the information fed into the device to be uploaded on the government portal. The information will then be cross-checked.


E-way bills

  • For movement of goods from one state to another will require e-way bill if the value of the goods exceed more than Rs 50,000.

  • Precious items like gold do not need e-way bill. The states generating highest e-way bills are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Haryana.

  • Machinery, textiles, iron and steel, mechanical appliances, automobiles and electrical machinery are the sectors with highest e-way bills generated.