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Sudan’s military reinstates Prime Minister

Date: 25 November 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Sudan’s military leadership has reinstated Prime Minister after weeks of house-arrest since the October 25 coup.



The Sudan’s military had deposed the civilian government through a coup in October. Many political leaders were kept under arrest.



  • The prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok will be the head of a technocratic government until the elections are held.

  • Democratic activists have criticized the move of the Prime Minster for becoming part of military’s design to strengthen its hold over the country.

  • International community has demanded that the country return at least to partial civilian rule instead of military controlled government.

  • International group, led by United States has cut off aid to the country. Sudan was already isolated for last few decades under the rule of Omar al-Bashir, who was overthrown in 2019.


Military opposition

  • Military leaders are against giving power to civilians, as it would make them liable to prosecution for their previous crimes against humanity.

  • In addition, they would lose the benefits of controlling lucrative sectors of the country’s economy such as petroleum.



Reasons for reinstating

  • The US condemned the coup and suspended $700 million in aid. Western, Arab and African nations have demanded that the country go back to civilian rule.

  • Large protests have been held in the streets of the capital. Many demonstrators have lost their lives due to military actions.

  • The reinstatement is a sign of providing stability in the country before the elections that are to be conducted in 2023.



  • The military leadership has formed a technocratic government led by experts and no participation of political parties is allowed.

  • Pro-democracy groups have alleged that the agreement is an attempt to legitimize the coup. Many groups have demanded that military leave governance completely.

  • The military has refused to go back to the power-sharing agreement that was in existence before the coup. It has refused to hand over power to a civilian.


International standing

  • The military officials have close ties with powerful people in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt who would want a stable government in Sudan.

  • Gulf Countries want Sudan’s support against their rivals such as Turkey and Iran. Egypt is counting on Sudan’s support to counter Ethiopia’s damming of Nile River.

  • Israel has been supportive of the military generals, who were responsible for normalizing relations with them. The civilian government is still averse to idea of normalizing ties with Israel.