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Role of plants in regulating Earth’s climate

Date: 22 July 2021 Tags: Climate Change


A study has shown that arrival of plants on land played a major role in climate regulation on Earth.



  • The study found out that plants first time appeared on Earth about 400 million years ago. This made drastic changes in atmosphere of earth.

  • The carbon cycle has managed to expand and strengthen after their arrival on land. The movement of carbon between atmosphere, living organisms and ground is termed carbon cycle.

  • The heat and temperature of earth is maintained by carbon. It traps heat and allows organisms to prosper.


Other observations

  • The clay formed in oceans emitted carbon dioxide into atmosphere whereas those formed on land absorbed carbon dioxide.

  • The existence of plants prevented clay from being washed into the oceans. As a result the balance between carbon dioxide emission and absorption was maintained.

  • Before plants, carbon concentration in atmosphere was higher, which was responsible for greenhouse climate. The plants allowed absorption of excessive carbon.

  • The changes in climate by cycle of warming and cooling helped in evolution process of organisms. This would not have been possible if carbon dioxide was in excess.

  • The low carbon atmosphere is sensitive to change. It can be influenced easily by external factors such as burning of fossil fuels.