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The Great Replacement theory

Date: 19 May 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


The accused in the Buffalo store shooting was a believer in “The Great Replacement” conspiracy theory.



The conspiracy theory is quite popular among ring-wing supporters in United States.



  • The theory says that Jews and leftists are engineering ethnic and cultural replacement of white populations with non-white immigrants.

  • It further says that the move would lead to a “white genocide.” The non-whites will ensure that political and business elite remain forever in power.


Origins of the theory

  • The theory finds its origin in French Nationalism. It was popularized by French writer Renaud Camus in recent years.

  • Immigration from Africa and the Middle East to France will eventually lead to the extinction of the native white European race, according to proponents.

  • There is a strong belief that Jews are involved in encouraging non-white immigration and inter-racial marriages, which makes this theory anti-Semitic.

  • This theory was the bedrock of Nazi ideology, which believed that Jews were the single most dangerous threat to white civilization.


Role in racial violence

  • Replacement theory has been the single-most reason for racially related hate crimes in United States and elsewhere.

  • Many right-wing believers have perpetrated mass shootings inside synagogues to kill Jews, holding them responsible for population replacement.


Popularity of the theory

  • Previously, the theory was restricted to corners of internet and chat rooms. In recent times it has managed to enter mainstream.

  • The theory has now been widely discussed on mainstream media channels. Many politicians have openly supported the theory.


Preventing hate crimes

  • There should be greater restrictions on use of guns. Selling and buying guns must be strongly regulated to prevent such crimes.

  • Use of social media to propagate hate messages and beliefs must be stopped. Social media platforms must adopt greater regulations.