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Chile’s new constitution

Date: 19 May 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Constitution drafting process in Chile is slated to be completed by July 4. In September, the constitution will be put to referendum.



The proposal to draft a new constitution was approved by 78 percent of Chileans in October 2020.



The referendum for new constitution was approved by former President Sebastian Piñera. It was necessitated due to large-scale protests.


Situation in Chile

  • Chile was one of the fastest growing economies of Latin America. However, 30 per cent of the population is economically vulnerable and face highly inequality.

  • The 2019 protests aimed to address this inequality. It was spurred by increase in fares of Santiago metro.


Previous constitution

  • The previous constitution was drafted during the tenure of military dictator Augusto Pinochet’s regime.

  • New amendments were made in 2005 to reduce Presidential tenure from six to four years, removing constitutional provisions regarding the appointment of ‘senators-for-life’ and ‘appointed senators.’ 


New constitution

  • The drafting of new constitution would finish in July 2022. The president will have three days to call for referendum. It will be held within next two months.

  • Constitution will be drafted by a directly elected constitutional convention entrusted with this duty. 

  • The convention has 17 seats exclusively reserved for indigenous people. Neither gender can have more than 55 per cent representation in the convention.