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End of Korean war

Date: 16 December 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A formal end to the Korean War has been declared by all parties, which include South Korea, US, China and North Korea.



The Korean War occurred from 1950 to 1953. Technically, North and South Korea have remained at war since no declaration was made to end.



The South Korean president has been striving for a formal declaration to the end of the conflict. The armistice agreement has currently stopped armed conflict.


Reason for development

  • North Korea has been aggressively testing missiles, threatening the territories of South Korea. There are also concerns of nuclear weapons.

  • The South Korean president has been a proponent of peace and wants to leave behind a legacy before he steps down in May next year.


North Korea’s concerns

  • North Korea has signaled its intention of ending the war but wants US to change its hostile policy towards their country.

  • The US however wants North Korea to give up its Nuclear weapons before any agreement could be reached.


Concerns of the west

  • Some in US establishment say that giving privileges to North Korea without any guarantee in return would make them demand more.

  • There are concerns that North Korea may demand withdrawal of US forces from peninsula and also ending the annual US-South Korea joint military exercises.


The Korean War

  • Troops from the Communist North Korea made an incursion by crossing the 38th parallel in June 1950, thereby starting the war.

  • The North Koreans, supported by communist USSR and China, were pushed back by US forces supporting the South.

  • The US and North Korea signed an armistice agreement in July 1953, bringing an end to the bloody conflict.