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Gruppe S

Date: 15 April 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Several suspected members of a far-right group called as ‘Gruppe S’ (Group S) are undergoing trial in Germany.



The members of Gruppe S are suspected to have planned attacks on mosques, asylum centres and German parliament.



  • The charges were framed against the members of Gruppe S as well as supporters. The authorities have designated them as terrorist group.

  • The aim of the founding members of the group was to shake the social order as well as state of Germany through a civil war.

  • They also planned to attack large number of mosques and injure or kill the Muslims present in these mosques.

  • The group had even planned to kill political dissenters by buying firearms and raising 50,000 Euros for financial support.


Growth of far-right sentiment

  • The support for far-right groups has been increasing in Germany mainly due to failure of moderates.

  • Groups such as AfD in Germany and Vox in Spain have invoked national identity and migrant issue to gain popularity among common citizens.

  • In Sweden too, popular right wing party such as Sweden Democrats has been fuelling anger among people by raising Muslim migrant’s issue.