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Cuba’s anti-government protests

Date: 14 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Cuba is currently seeing massive anti-government protests in decades. The movement has turned into a problem for ruling party.



Cuba is an authoritative state ruled by a single political party, the Cuban Communist Party. The country is already under US sanctions.



  • Such an intense protest is taking place after three decades. It has been fuelled by economic distress and government mismanagement during Covid-19 pandemic.

  • The Cuban government has not imported any vaccines for inoculation. It has however tested its homegrown Soberna 2 vaccine.

  • The vaccine will make Cuba the first Latin American country to have its own domestic vaccine. It has not been tested on newer variants.

  • In the past few days cases of the infection have soared due to the new Delta strain. This has further aggravated the already degrading economic conditions.

  • People have been forced to use white flags to seek financial help. The economic distress has been particularly high for tourism sector.


Situation in Cuba

  • Cuba has been ruled by communist regime for more than half a century. Apart from the pandemic induced problems, US sanctions have put the country in peril.

  • The growth of the country has fallen by more than 11 percent. There is shortage of food items such as rice in the country.

  • Protestors are demanding for the resignation of President Miguel Diaz-Canel. They accuse the regime of failing to respond to people’s problems.

  • The people are fed up with frequent power cuts. Private jobs such as taxis and hospitality sectors have suffered during past couple of years.

  • The government has blamed US for backing the protests through social media and on-ground spies. It says that small protests are given high publicity.