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Julian Assange extradition

Date: 13 December 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The London High Court has ruled that WkiLeaks founder Julian Assange would be extradited back to the USA.



Assange is accused of leaking and publishing confidential diplomatic cables and military documents.



  • A lower court in UK had recently refused to allow extradition to US citing likely attempt of suicide in a US prison. The US had appealed against the order.

  • USA has assured the court that it will take all necessary measures to prevent Assange from attempting suicide in prison.


Charges in US

  • Assange will be facing charges under Espionage Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The act prevents individuals from accessing information relating to the national defence.

  • Assange faces a potential sentence of 175 years for leaking information that hampered the US interests and was used by foreign nations for their advantage.


International reaction

The Amnesty International has asked the US to drop charges against Assange and not seek his extradition. Assange was also supported by UN panel.


Julian Assange and his actions

  • Assange had published diplomatic cables and military documents obtained from rogue sources on his WikiLeaks website.

  • Assange was arrested on charges of rape and molestation in UK. He fought against the order in UK court but lost it.

  • After jumping a bail, he sought asylum in Ecuador Embassy in London. Since 2012 until his arrest in 2019, Assange has been living in Ecuadorian embassy.



WikiLeaks is a database that contains the world’s most persecuted documents. The firm obtains such documents, analyzes them and promotes them. Majority of WikiLeaks readers are Indians, followed by Americans.