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Electing speaker and deputy speaker

Date: 13 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The position of the speaker of the Maharashtra Assembly has been lying vacant since congress leader Nana Patole resigned.



The speaker is in charge of proceedings of assembly of a state. The position has high constitutional precedence in India.



  • The leader of opposition in Maharashtra and also the governor have requested the Chief Minister to fill the vacant position.

  • The chief minister has agreed to fill the position at an appropriate time period. The CM says that there is no time limit for appointing a speaker.

  • The position of deputy speaker is lying vacant in many states. In Lok Sabha too, the position is lying vacant since the 2019 general elections.


Election to speaker and deputy speaker

  • Appointing a speaker and deputy speaker for Lok Sabha and state assemblies is mentioned in Article 93 and Article 178 respectively in the constitution.

  • There is no procedure mentioned for election. It is left to the respective houses to specify the method of electing.

  • The President or the Governor sets a date for election of speaker. The speaker is elected from the current members of the house. The speaker sets date for election of deputy speaker.

  • Some states such as Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have a time frame for electing speaker. The position must never be empty except for death or resignation.



  • The speaker is the main spokesperson of the house. The speaker presides over joint sitting of the house (parliament). He has the final right to decide if a bill is a money bill.

  • The position of deputy speaker is not subordinate but independent. He chairs the house in absence of the speaker and also is the chairman of important committees.

  • The deputy speaker chairs the house when a resolution to remove the speaker is being taken up in the house.

  • The position of speaker is usually taken up by ruling alliance. There is a convention to give deputy speaker position to the opposition.