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Mi-17V5 helicopter

Date: 10 December 2021 Tags: Military


The Mi-17V5 helicopter carrying Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat and several defence officials crashed in Tamil Nadu, resulting in their death.



  • The helicopter was manufactured in Kazan, a city in southwest Russia. It was used for both cargo transportation and travel.

  • They have high-performance capabilities and can fly high altitudes in complex weather conditions such as tropical, desert or mountains.

  • The helicopter was designed to land on unprepared sites at night and in adverse weather conditions. In emergency, it could land on even a single-engine configuration.


Important features

  • Mi-17s are upgradation of Soviet-era Mi-8s. They are two-engine turbo-shaft helicopters used for multi-purpose.

  • They have the capability to travel at a maximum speed of 250 km/h. There are eight fire posts for small weapons and can carry weight up to 4,000 kg.



The helicopter can carry unguided rockets, 23 mm cannons and 250 rounds each. It was designed to include self-defence system against heat seeker missiles, along with a heavily armoured cockpit.



It included advanced navigation and electronics display system that was able to show helicopter’s present position, in-flight route reprogramming, an electronic terrain map and flight route, details of multifunctioning of helicopter systems, flight information storage, on-board data processing etc.


Service in India

  • Indian government had given contract for manufacturing 80 MI-17 V5 helicopters to Russian firm at a cost of $1.3 billion.

  • The helicopters had less than ten years in service in the IAF. They are considered one of the most advanced, and are not prone to accidents.


Other upgradation

The twin-engine, single-rotor-scheme helicopter with a tail rotor has an advanced performance design with a dolphin-type nose, an additional starboard sliding door and a portside widened sliding door.


Global service

These helicopters were first delivered to Cuba in 1983. Currently they have been used in countries such as Peru, Poland, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea etc.