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Russian troops on Ukraine border

Date: 08 December 2021 Tags: International Politics


A potential border conflict is set to occur along the Russia-Ukraine border after Russia deployed army at forward areas.



Ukraine and Russia have been having a conflict since the annexation of Crimean peninsula by Russia-backed separatists.



  • An US intelligence report says that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is possible in the upcoming months.

  • Previous actions by Russia have shown that it is not hesitant to undertake military actions to capture foreign territory.

  • In 2014, the Crimean peninsula was annexed by Russia. It was the first time since World War II that a European country had annexed part of another country.


Russian interests in Crimea

  • Ukraine was the second-most influential republic after Russia in Soviet Union. It has strong cultural, linguistic and strategic ties with Russia.

  • Both Russia and West have tried hard to have influence in Ukraine ever since it split from the Soviet Union.


Strategic value

  • Ukraine is a strategic buffer state between Russia and the West. The EU and U.S are trying hard to keep Ukraine away from Russian influence.

  • USA has been trying to induct Ukraine into NATO, which has worried Russia. It feels that US military is scheduled to arrive at its doorsteps.


Protest in Ukraine

  • The inclination of Ukraine’s President towards Russia started a movement known as Euromaidan in the capital’s central square.

  • There were demands to join EU instead of Eurasian Economic Union. The President was ousted but Russia used opportunity to annex Crimean Peninsula.

  • Russia has gained a maritime upper hand in the region but at the cost of global condemnation. The West imposed sanctions on Russia for its actions.


The current situation

  • Russia has assembled its troops along the border and has asked assurances from US that Ukraine will not be inducted into NATO.

  • U.S President Joe Biden has refused to give any such assurances. The Russian troops are ready to invade at short notice but West is not budging.


Russian plans

Russia is trying to use the Ukraine issue as a leverage point to obtain relief from economic sanctions and also regional dominance.



  • The stringent US economic sanctions are not enough to deter Russian President from taking military actions in Ukraine.

  • US and EU may be forced to take military action, putting the global order into chaos. This may start another World War.