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Netanyahu gets another term

Date: 08 April 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Israeli President has invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form the next government in the country.



This is a fourth such election since 2019 where there has been no clear majority for a particular alliance.



  • Israel works on proportional representation where parties get seats based on number of votes polled. No single party gets clear majority.

  • Due to rising differences between political parties alliances have broken and it has become more difficult to form a government.

  • Netanyahu has about six weeks to form the government but it looks increasingly difficult and a potential fifth election is on cards.


Rising instability

  • Neither Netanyahu nor his opponents have been able to form government since 2019. The alliances led by Netanyahu collapsed and the election was re-held.

  • This political deadlock has forced Israelis to vote continuously. They hope to have a stable government that can function for full term.

  • Citizens are angry on Netanyahu for his corruption scandals, rising pandemic woes and other unfulfilled promises.

  • Re-election is a way Netanyahu has been in power since last 12 years and he aspires to get a stronger majority to make laws that will prevent prosecution against him.


Charges against Netanyahu

  • Netanyahu is accused of giving political favours in exchange for gifts. He has also allegedly paid newspapers for getting a positive coverage and removal of critical articles.

  • There are no constitutional laws to force Prime Minister to resign unless charges are proved. He has been trying to prevent opposition from forming government.