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Planning Prime Minister’s security

Date: 07 January 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


A major security lapse was recorded during the Prime Minister’s travel in Punjab when his cavalcade was stuck on a flyover.



The Home Ministry has termed the incident serious and has asked a detailed report on the failure of the state government to arrange for the security.



  • Planning security during the visit of the prime Minister is elaborate and involves coordination between central agencies and state police.

  • The guidelines for operation are laid down in what is called the SPG’s Blue Book. The security arrangements are made after elaborate planning.


The planning phase

  • The Special protection Group holds an Advance Security Liaison (ASL) with individuals involved in securing the event, including Intelligence Bureau officials, state police officials and the concerned district magistrate.

  • Minute details are discussed and an ASL report is prepared, which is used as a guideline to make security arrangements.



  • The itinerary once decided will have to be stuck with. The arrival of the PM (road, rail, air) and travel to the venue (road or helicopter) is found out. The feedback of local authorities is considered.

  • Apart from this, aspects such as entry and exit, frisking of people, placing of door frame metal detectors and also the structural stability of the dais is checked.

  • If there are dense vegetations on the route taken by PM, they are cleared. Security men are posted on these routes for route security.


Role of state government

  • The SPG gives only proximate security. It is the responsibility of the state police to ensure overall security. They are responsible for intelligence gathering, route clearance, venue sanitization and crowd management.

  • State police are supposed to carry out anti-sabotage checks and secure the route by placing men on the roads and also snipers on rooftops.


Alternative plans

  • The weather report is always taken into considerations to see if the PM may have to change plans suddenly due to the conditions.

  • For such a situation, an alternative route is already planned, sanitised and security placed on the road even if the PM is supposed to fly.


The final verdict

  • Securing road route and sanitizing it is a responsibility of state police. The SPG does not go ahead with movement unless the police have given go ahead.

  • Any such incident cannot be blamed on sudden change in plans as plans are communicated well in advance to the state police. This is a serious incompetence on the part of state police.