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UK protests against new police and crime bill

Date: 05 April 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Large number of citizens in UK have been protesting against a legislation known as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021. 



The country has been marred with large and wide-scale protests that have accused the government to be hard-liner.



  • The bill will allow the police to take a more proactive way in managing highly disruptive protests that can cause serious disruption to the public.

  • Currently, the government is using the Public Order Act 1986 to manage protests that take place in the country.


Reason for the law

  • The existing legislation is not considered suitable to manage the variety and nature of protests that have been taking place.

  • The “April Uprising” that took place in London in 2019 could not be effectively controlled and caused damages up to £16 million.


Details of the bill

  • The new provisions will allow police to increase the conditions that can be put on static protests in addition to existing powers to impose conditions on marches.

  • Police will get powers to impose certain conditions such as start and finish times and maximum noise levels that can be allowed during static marches.

  • The bill will also broaden the situations on which the police can impose conditions on a protest, including single ones.

  • The bill also brings an offence of public nuisance that prohibits producing excessive noise or smells, or offensive or dangerous behaviour.



  • Public have criticised the bill as a way to put more restrictions on the right of people to hold peaceful protests.

  • The bills have put serious conditions while protesting and people not following the rules can be imprisoned for a period of up to ten years.