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Sudan’s political transition

Date: 05 January 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has resigned following months of protests against the deal between him and military generals.



Hamdok was removed from his position through a military coup in October after which he was reinstated last month. Sudan is currently under a political turmoil.



  • Hamdok had served as the Prime Minister for two years under a power-sharing deal between civilian government and military.

  • After mounting pressure, military reinstalled him as the prime minister to lead a government of technocrats until 2023 elections.

  • The deal with the army was vehemently opposed by civilian society and large protests took place demanding his resignation.



  • Hamdok had said that he would continue in the position only if he could mobilize political support.

  • He is said to have failed to unite different political sections sufficiently to ensure a fruitful government and decided to resign.

  • Hamdok had reversed some of the appointments made by the military leaders in key positions. This was widely challenged by military.



Hamdok is widely respected domestically as well as internationally. It took military leaders lots of efforts to convince him to come back.



  • Sudan is reeling from decades of autocracy and misgovernance. The return to democracy would have brought some respite in one of the poorest countries of the world.

  • The country is under foreign debt tuning to $56 billion. The Hamdok government had secured a deal for resolution, which now will be questioned.


Security in region

  • Sudan had recently decided to normalize relations with Israel, thereby escaping economic sanctions imposed by the United States.

  • Stability in Sudan will have a bearing on volatile region bordering the Sahel, the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa.

  • There is also instability in Tigray region of Ethiopia, which has seen thousands of refugees fleeing to Sudan from the government forces.