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Uber on WhatsApp

Date: 04 December 2021 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers


Using WhatsApp, customers in India could soon book cab rides. This will be possible when Uber and WhatsApp will roll out a new feature.



The integration of Uber with WhatsApp will be the first time that Uber is collaborating with another technology major.



  • At present, this feature has been introduced only in Lucknow in India on a trial basis. It will take time before it is implemented across the country.

  • When this comes into use, customers will no longer need to download Uber app for booking cabs. They can use WhatsApp to do so.



  • The feature can be accessed through three ways; by messaging Uber’s official business account or scanning QR Code or clicking a link directly to open an Uber WhatsApp chat.

  • Once a request has been made, the pick-up location and drop-off has to be entered. The fare and arrival spot will be shown to users.



Users of Uber on WhatsApp will receive the same amount of safety that Uber app gives to its users. Features like cab number, driver’s name, anonymous calling etc can be done.



  • The feature of Uber is built on WhatsApp’s Business Platform and at present can be accessed only in English language.

  • There are plans for making it available in all Indian languages in future. It is one among the many plans the cab-hailing major is employing to expand its market in India.