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Germany bans sale of fireworks

Date: 04 January 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


The government has banned the sale of fireworks in Germany for the fear of spread of Coronavirus among the population.



Many parts of the world, including Germany is experiencing fresh wave of the infection. The government has been forced to impose restrictions.



The country has been seeing a low vaccination rate as hesitancy has been growing. Regardless of the ban, many citizens were seen crossing the border and buying fire crackers from Poland.


Fireworks and covid-19

  • The health minister of the country has warned of a severe fifth wave in Germany. The decision to ban fire crackers is taken to prevent large gatherings.

  • The fire cracker incidents, that are a norm during New Year celebrations, would further burden the existing healthcare system.


Fireworks in Germany

  • Lighting fire crackers during New Year is a tradition in Germany. After the clock strikes 12, citizens flock the streets to showcase amazing fire shows.

  • But the effects of such tradition has been harming the environment and also causing accidents among people.


Impact of ban

  • More than 3,000 people have lost job due to the ban on fireworks. Many citizens have been illegally buying fireworks from Poland, affecting local German business.

  • Fire crackers sellers and manufacturers have threatened to take legal action against authorities for allowing people to buy fire crackers from abroad and not locally.