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China’s crackdown on super skyscrapers

Date: 01 November 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A crack-down has been launched by China against construction of ‘super skyscrapers’ in small cities across the country.



This is not the first time Chinese authorities have introduced such laws on limiting height of the building. Earlier there was a law to restrict ‘ugly architecture’.



  • Some of the world’s tallest buildings are housed in China. A new law puts restrictions on height of the building based on the population density of city.

  • The main aim of the law to impose restricts on height is said to prevent “vanity projects” in the country. This will reduce energy consumption.

  • Vanity projects in small city are impractical and unnecessary. The crackdown has been supported on Chinese social media platforms.


The new rules

  • In cities having population below 3 million, skyscrapers taller than 150 metres (490 ft) will be strictly limited. Buildings higher than 250 metres (820 ft) will be banned.

  • There will be limit on buildings taller than 250 metres in cities having population over 3 million.

  • Special permissions will be required to construct skyscrapers higher than 150 metres in a city with an urban population of less than three million. Buildings higher than 250 metres will not be permitted at any cost.

  • In cities with over 3 million populations, special permission will be needed for constructing buildings taller than 250 metres. There will be complete ban on skyscrapers over 500 metres.


Previous regulations

Previously, a ban was imposed to prevent construction of skyscrapers exceeding 500 metres in height. Exemptions were given after assessment of plans.


New requirements

Regulations have been tightened on all buildings taller than 100 metres. They are required to possess strong anti-earthquake and firefighting capabilities. There should be provisions for escape and rescue mechanisms.


China’s tallest skyscrapers

The 128-storey Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in the country. Another such building is the 599.2 metre Ping An International Finance Centre.